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Want to host a swimming clinic at your site?

Ohio Swimming is very excited to be working with the Fitter and Faster Swim Tour to provide our Ohio Swimming athletes with an experience like no other.  Fitter and Faster Swim Clinics are run by world class athletes that have been specifically selected and trained to provide the athletes the best possible experience at their clinic.

As a clinic site host, you will select what type of clinic you would like to host.  Some samples of clinics are as follows:

  • Starts / Turns / Breakouts / Racing
  • Stroke Specific
  • Any Combination

Fitter and Faster will provide either one or two clinicians to run the clinic.  All coaches are welcome to attend to assist in the clinic.  The most effective clinics are run as two day – four session clinics (one session in the morning, one session in the afternoon).  By having multiple sessions, it will allow for a more customized clinic that can be geared to various ages and abilities.

The host site will need to provide some volunteer assistance (typically 4 to 6) with set-up, athlete sign in, hospitality and on-site clinic assistance.  Athlete registration for the clinic is run through the Fitter and Faster website.  These volunteers, along with the Fitter and Faster staff, will help to ensure a smooth, safe program throughout the course of the clinic.

If you are wanting to host a clinic for athletes in your area, please send an email to [email protected] so that we can help coordinate activities.  Please include the dates in which you would like to host the clinic, where the clinic will be held, and who will serve as the contact person to help define what type of clinic will be held.

October 27, 2019:
Mason Community Center
Jose Cerda Memorial Swim Clinic