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*Membership pre-defined in OSI Code of Regulations
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Administrative Review Board

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Administrative Review Board Page
Age Group Committee

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Age Group Committee Page
Athlete Committee

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Athlete Committee Page
Audit Committee*

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Audit Committee Page
Budget Committee*

Next Meeting:  July 10, 2018 6 pm
Call-in: 513-673-3326
Budget Committee Page
Coach Committee

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Coach Committee Page
Disability Swimming Committee

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Disability Swimming Committee Page
Diversity & Inclusion Committee
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Diversity & Inclusion Committee Page
Executive Committee*

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Executive Committee Page
Finance Committee*

Next Meeting:  June 27, 2018 6p-7p
Call-in:  513-275-6543
Finance Committee Page
Governance Committee

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Governance Committee Page
Officials Committee*

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Officials Committee Page
Personnel Committee*

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Personnel Committee Page
Safe Sport Committee

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Safe Sport Committee Page
Senior Committee

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Senior Committee Page
Technical Planning Committee

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Technical Planning Committee Page
Travel Fund Committee

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Travel Fund Committee Page