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USA Swimming Insurance Coverage
USA Swimming offers, as a benefit of membership, insurance coverage to its members and member clubs to include General Liability and Excess Accident Medical coverage. The Insurance Summary and Insurance Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) below provide detailed explanation of the coverages.


Insurance Certificates for Your Club
As a USA Swimming member club, you have, at no charge to the club, the benefit of General Liability insurance coverage. The terms and limitations are reviewed annually with each policy period renewal. Currently, the policy limits are $1M per occurrence for public liability and an additional $1M for participant legal liability. There is a $5M excess liability policy.

Beginning with each new membership year, USA Swimming mails each club an insurance certificate as proof of their insurance coverage.

Many times, a facility will request to be named on the certificate.  This is called an “Additional Insured Endorsement." This is a simple process, but is done online through the CertificatesNow website.  USA Swimming headquarters does not request this certificate for the club.  Remember also, that the certificate is not automatically renewed annually.

Click here if you need a certificate of insurance for your team.

Click here if you need a certificate of insurance for your LSC.


Report of Occurrence Online Form
Below is the Online Report of Occurrence form.  The Report of Occurrence shall be submitted by the coach, official or someone affiliated with the club/facility any time there is an accident or injury during any USA Swimming activities such as Sanctioned or Approved swim meets, swimming practices, contracted Swim-a-Thons or approved social events. The parent or injured party should NOT submit the form. The online form does require that certain sections, indicated by an asterisk, be completed before it can be submitted. If you have any questions, please contact George Ward at (719) 866-4578 or email, [email protected].

Click the link below to begin the process:

Upon submission of the completed Report of Occurrence, you will receive an automated email indicating that USA Swimming has received the form.  In the body of the email is a detailed account of the information that was reported. This email can be printed or saved to a file for record keeping. PLEASE FORWARD A COPY OF THIS EMAILED REPORT TO the OSI Safety Chair at [email protected]