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USA Swimming and Ohio Swimming Meets and Sanction Information:

Meet Operation Forms Sanction Applications and Post-Meet Forms

Coach Sign-In Sheet

Officials Sign-In Sheet

Coach Verification Form

Athlete Verification Form

Report of Occurrence

Ohio Time Certification

Meet Marshal Job Description

Meet hosts can print and hand to Meet Marshals

Meet Marshal Safety Checklist
Checklist for marshal duties at meets

Safe Sport Flyers/Info for meets

Meet Director Guide

Sanction Applications:

Application for Sanction

Application for Meet Approval/Observation

(meets where not all swimmers are USA Swimming members)

Post-Meet Financial Forms:

Sanctioned Meets Post-Meet Form

Approved Meets Post-Meet Form (YMCA Meets, etc)

Observed Meet Fees (High School, Para-meets, etc.)


Sanctioned Meet Information Checklists Pre-Meet Information (Sanctioned Meets)

USA Sanctioned Meets

Approved Meets


Meet naming and pre-meet requirements

Submit Meet Book

COVID Meet Book Template (updated 10/26/2020)

Non-USA Swimming Competition Times Loading Forms

Meet Observation Process/Guidelines

Ohio Time Certification Form - for USA Sanctioned Meets

Form for Times Loading - High School
(this form must be uploaded to the Observed Meet Fees Form above)

Form for Times Loading - Foreign Meets

Form for Times Loading Form - Para Meets


How to Become a Meet Host:
Ohio Swimming offers 2 competitive season calendars.  Short Course season generally runs September through March and Long Course season generally runs April through July.  For each season, USA Swimming clubs are welcome and encouraged to submit a bid declaration for a meet(s) that will appear on the OSI meet calendar.  The Short Course (SC) season bidding period is between Jan-March and Long Course (LC)  bidding period is between June-August.  The OSI Sanctioning Chair maintains formal bidding procedures, which USA Swimming clubs agree to abide by.

April 18, 2021:  Deadline for 2021 Long Course Season
July 1, 2021:  2021- 2022 Short Course Season

Upcoming OSI Championship/Sponsored Event Dates (tentative blackout dates):

Meet Host(s)
2021-22 SC Senior Championships November 2021 Bids submitted Spring 2020
2022 SC Regional Meet Feb 10-13, 2022 Bids submitted Spring 2020
2022 SC JO Championships Mar 11-13, 2022 Bids submitted Spring 2020
2022 Open Water June 2022 Bids submitted Fall 2020
2022 LC Regional Meet Jul tbd 2022 Bids submitted Fall 2020
2022 LC JO Championships Jul tbd 2022 Bids submitted Fall 2020

CONFLICTS:  Bidders are strongly encouraged to resolve any pool conflicts and/or re-arrange bids so that the OSI calendar best meets the needs of OSI clubs and athletes.  After the bidding closes, the Sanctioning Chair will review the bids and resolve any remaining conflicts or address any scheduling concerns.

What Is The Purpose Of The Sanction Appeal Process?
1) To establish a consistent appeal process for a host whose request for sanction or approval is denied by an LSC.
2) To allow for review of denials to make certain such denials are not limiting competitive opportunities for athletes.

Please click on the link below to be directed to the Central Zone website for additional information and a link to request an appeal:
Central Zone Sanction Appeals Board


Observed/Approved Meets: OSI Sanctioned Meets:
Erin Schwab
5020 B College Corner Pike
Oxford, OH 45056
(O) 513/673-3326 (F) 513/282-4090
email:  [email protected]
Sanctioning Chair:
Mark Johnson
email:  [email protected]