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Membership Certification Links:
Membership Application USA Swimming Membership is an annual renewal.  2020 fee is $75.
Membership Checklist for Officials USA Swimming minimum requirements for membership.
USA Swimming Background Check Background check information, directions and signup
Athlete Protection Training Link Must have a USA Swimming Membership record before completing this training
Online Officials Tests Link to USA Swimming website where the officials tests are
Concussion Training Information on concussion training for Ohio Swimming Official's & coaches
Send concussion certifications to: [email protected]
Lindsay's Law Training Information on Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Youth Athletes


Certification Requirements: (updated) Click on the links below:
Stroke & Turn Cert. /Recertification. Requirements 10/3/18

Ohio LSC requirements for S&T
Certification/Recertification Standards
Session by Session Guide
Certification Tracking Sheet
Evaluation Checklist
ST Mentor Guide

Starter Cert. / Recertification. Requirements 10/3/18 Ohio LSC requirements for SR
Certification/Recertification Standards
Mentoring Guidelines & Evaluation Checklist

Starter Responsibilities
Deck Referee Cert. / Recertification. Requirements   Ohio LSC requirements for DR
Chief Judge Cert. / Recertification. Requirements 10/3/18

Ohio LSC requirements for CJ
Certification/Recertification Standards
Evaluation Checklist

Administrative Official Cert. /Recert. Requirements 10/3/18

 Ohio LSC requirements for AO
Certification/Recertification Standards
Evaluation Check List
Certification Tracking Sheet

Certification Standards for YMCA Level I Officials 9/30/2018 Ohio LSC requirements Level 1 YMCA
Certification Standards (experienced)
Certification Standards for YMCA Level II Officials 9/30/2018 Ohio LSC requirements Level II YMCA
Certification Standards (experienced)
Officials Shirt - Badge Order Form 9/14/2009   Order Form for Shirts/Badges



  1. Log into the USA Swimming website
  2. Select Deck Pass from the member resources menu
  3. Scroll down to the "tab" that indicates Membership Card and select it.  The details of your membership record will show.
  4. On the top right of the box that shows your membership details, there is a "Print Official Card" link.  Select the link.  A pdf of the front of your membership card will launch.

    (If your child's membership card shows, go to "my Account", unlink the membership record (button) then link your membership record).