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Coach of the Year

The Coach of the Year program is administrated by the Coach Representatives.

OSI Coach Representatives ([email protected]):
Senior Coach Representative:  Kris Moellenberg (SYL)
Assistant Coach Representative:  Daniel Cherok (OSSC)

2019-2020 Coach of the Year Recipients:
Senior Large Team: 
John Coffman (NAAC)
Senior Small Team:  Chris McKinney (MAKO)

Age Group Large Team:  TBD
Senior Large Team:  TBD

Previous Coach of the Year recipients:

  Senior Age Group
2019-2020 John Coffman (NAAC) - Lg Team
Chris McKinney (MAKO) - Sm Team
TBD - Lg Team
TBD - Sm Team
2018-2019 Ken Heis (RAYS) Katie Schmidt (RAYS)
2017-2018 Ken Heis (RAYS) Todd Billhimer (RAYS)
2016-2017 Ken Heis (RAYS) Chad Rehkamp (CLPR)
2015-2016 Chris Wolford (CM) Jeremy Wilken (CM)


OSI Coach of the Year Award Program

Criteria to Consider

  • Coaches ability to produce swimmers that perform at the highest level of our sport.
  • Team performance and individual athlete performance should both be considered.
  • Coaches ability to build and sustain a strong age-group/senior program.
  • Team structure, sportsmanship and work-ethic of athletes should also be considered.
  • Team and Coaches contribution to the sport.


  • Nomination list distributed at Fall Senior Championship, Spring JO Championship.
  • Teams nominate up to 5 teams each per Large/Small team categories.  Nominations are selected by Team.
  • Ballot distributed with top 5 Large/Small team nominations.
  • Teams return ballot with one vote per category.  One ballot vote per Team.
  • Winning team identifies who will receive the award.
  • Coach-of-the-Year winner announced final evening of the meet.
  • Senior COY announced at Fall Senior Championships.  Age-Group COY announced at Spring JO Championships.  Both will also be recognized at the OSI Recognition Banquet.


  • To encourage greater participation in the COY award program.
  • Provides a broader opportunity to recognize both coaches and teams.
  • Award goes to both Large Team and Small Team coaches.
  • AWARD: up to $1000 will be reimbursable (receipts needed) to each recipient and to be used for continuing education or clinics related to coaching.  The award is valid until the end of the next swim year.  Receipts and invoices must be submitted to [email protected] for reimbursement or payment.


Large Team – Small Team Definition:  Sum the total number of 15&Over registered athletes in the week before the meet. Divide this sum by the number of teams with 15&Over athletes eliminating any remainder. Teams whose number of 15&Over registered athletes is equal to or less than this number, will be small teams. Large Teams will be those teams whose sum is greater than the calculated number.