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USA Swimming MAAPP Educational Documents, Sample Forms for Clubs, Officials, Meet Hosts, Etc.

Visit USA Swimming's MAAPP page for related documents.



Athlete Protection Training (ATP) For 18+ Athletes:

18 and over athletes must have current APT by June 23, 2019. This is now a USA Swimming membership requirement.

APT Training link: USA Swimming LEARN

Athletes under 18 who wish to take the training will be required to verify that they have parental consent to take the APT course.  The verification screen will come up when you sign in to take the course.

  • Automatic emails will be sent from USA Swimming to athletes as a reminder to complete the course.
  • DECK PASS: The APT status will show on Deck Pass.
  • After July 23, 2019, 18+ athletes will be ineligible to compete until the APT requirement is completed.

APT Requirement for Adult Athletes

APT Requirement for 18+ Athletes - webinar