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2022-2023 Raider Equipment Checklist

2022-2023 Training Equipment Price list

2022-2023 Swimsuit Price list

2022-2023 Apparel Price list (warmups, joggers, backpacks)

Dayton Raiders Swim Club is under contract with TYR. National Team swimmers who qualify for free or discounted equipment can learn about their benefits in our contract with TYR found HERE. All Sectional and National Team qualifyer orders are submitted as a bulk team order. Questions can be sent to: [email protected]

Swimville USA is the official vendor for the Dayton Raiders Swim Club and provides all equipment at discounted prices. If you need Equipment from our team vendor, Swimville, anytime throughout the year, simply create an account using the instructions on the following form: Swimville Create Raider Account Instructions. If you already have a Swimville account and would like to link to our DR Swimville account page please call Swimville directly for assistance. Swimville has three locations within our area:

Louisville Fort Thomas Columbus
11800 Shelbyville Road 90 Alexandria Pike 837 Bethel Rd
Louisville, KY  40243 Ft. Thomas, KY  41075  Columbus, OH 43214
Phone Phone Phone
502-245-9811 859-441-7946 614-591-7946

Swimville USA will be at our pool during Equipment Day on September 10, 2022. Mark every equipment item with your swimmers name on it. Coaches find equipment left on deck after practice regularly. For purchases after equipment day and throughout the year, order directly through your DR Swimville account page at www.swimvilleusa.com or by phone at 1-800-595-1153 and ask for Danielle Moore ([email protected]).  Please let them know you are with the Dayton Raiders for special/team pricing. If ordering through the DR Swimville page, special/team pricing is already included. 

Short course personalized cap ordering is always on Equipment Day and Long Course personalized cap orders are in April.  Contact a Group Contact to purchase (non-personalized) plain latex ($5) or silicone caps ($13.50) during any time of the year.  Plain caps are always available for purchase, even at meets.  Group contacts or Jenni McClure will always have them on hand.

R - Required
O - Optional
blank - not applicable

Item SR1 SR2 JR Red Sr BRZ BLUE WHTE Red Jr Prep Notes/Recommendations
Team Suit (non tech) O O O O O O O O O TYR Team Suit avail through Swimville
2 Pair Goggles R R R R R R R R R Any Type
DR Practice Caps R R R R R R R R R First cap free; group contacts have more
Short Fins R R R R           TYR Hydroblade
Long Fins         R R R R O TYR Flex Fin
Kickboard R R R R R R R R O TYR or swimville
Front Mount Snorkel R R R R R R       TYR Ultralite 2.0 or Ultralite Elite (smaller)
LSNRMTH2 - 2.0 Mouthpiece Only
LSNKLETM - Elite Mouthpiece Only
Hand Paddles R R R R R         TYR Catalyst Stroke Training Paddle
Standard Buoy R R R R R R       TYR Pull Float 
Flex Band R R               Resistance Heavy - Swimmersbest
Tempo Trainer R R               Swimville
Aqua Dragsox R R               AquaVolo Resistance 45
Ankle Strap R R R   O                TYR Rally Training Pull Strap
Mesh Bag R R R R R R R R O TYR Mummy Mesh Backpack
Water bottle R R R R R R R R R Filled Each Day
Team Travel Bag R R R O O O O O O TYR Backpack - Black - through Swimville
Personalized Cap O O O O O O O O O For Swimmers Competing at Meets
DR Meet T-Shirts O O O O O O O O O Spiritwear Order