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Championship Meet Summary - Fall/Winter Season

  • Age Group (ages 14 & Under) and Senior (ages 15 & Over) denoted in RED
  • High School meets highlighted in green (meets organized by your high school)
  • Fall/Winter “Short Course” Season takes place in September through March and all competitions are held in a 25-yard pool (vs 50-meter pool during summer months) 
Below is a summary for Ohio Championship meets the Dayton Raiders will compete in during the winter season. These meets are in addition to regular meets, or ‘invitationals’, held throughout the season. All championship and invitational swim meets listed on our schedule are optional except for the state meet (Ohio Junior Olympic) and National meets (Sectionals, Junior Nationals, etc). If you qualify for the highest level competition (States or Nationals), you will surely want to attend! Your primary group coach will assist you in your planning for all meets throughout the season.
Senior (15 & Over)
OHIO SENIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS, November, usually in Oxford (OH), Erlanger (KY), Canton (OH), Bowling Green (OH), or Kenyon College
There is one (1) Ohio SENIOR Championship meet in Ohio. This meet is setup for swimmers who are 15-over and 14-unders  high school swimmers. The Dayton Raiders have won the Ohio SENIOR Championship meet several times in the last 10 years, qualified several swimmers to Junior Nationals, and established several meet records. The Ohio SENIOR Championships is a prelim/finals format. The Head Coach will discuss with all senior aged swimmers if they are to attend this meet, or one of the other championship meets instead.
Age Group (8 & Under)
MAKOS "LITTLE ELVES" INVITATIONAL, 1st Sunday in December (Miami University on Oxford OH)
This meet is a timed final championship meet for all 8 & under Dayton Raider swimmers. This is a great meet at one of the nicest and fastest pool in the country.
Age Group (14 & Under) and Senior (15 & Over)
MAKOS "HOLIDAY SPIRIT" INVITATIONAL, second weekend in December (Miami University on Oxford OH)
This meet is a prelim/finals championship meet for all Dayton Raider swimmers who meet the qualifying time standards.  The meet is conveniently scheduled for the second weekend in December, so that high school swimmers can get a championship meet in prior to being released to their high school programs.  This is a great meet at one of the nicest and fastest pool in the country.  
Note regarding the HS meets in the section below: High School Championships are not USA-Swimming competitions.  High school swimmers are released from competing with their club team (e.g. Dayton Raiders) and available to represent their respective high schools after the MAKOS "Holiday Spirit" Invitational in December.  (HS swimmers continue practicing with DR). Per Ohio HS rules, once an athlete has competed in their last HS meet, they may return to USA-Swimming competition. HS swimmers may continue practicing with their USA team full time during the HS season.
HIGH SCHOOL SECTIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP, various locations throughout Ohio – early Feb
All high school swimmers compete at the SECTIONAL level.  This is the first step to the "Road to Canton".  High School swimmers are entered in a maximum of two (2) individual events and two (2) relay events by their respective high school coach.  If swimmers place high enough in their event(s) after all of the SECTIONAL results are compiled, then he/she advances to the DISTRICT CHAMPIONSHIPS on the following weekend. Ohio has two divisions for high school swimming -- Div I and Div II (based on school size and geography). Contact your high school for information on what division you compete in.
HIGH SCHOOL DISTRICT CHAMPIONSHIPS, Miami University in Oxford (OH) – mid Feb
There are four (4) DISTRICT CHAMPIONSHIP held throughout the state of Ohio.  Approximately the top 120 swimmers in each event across the state qualify to this level of high school swimming.  If a swimmer places high enough in their respective event(s) after all of the DISTRICT results are compiled, then he/she advances to the STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS on the following weekend.
Regarded as one of the fastest and most exciting state meets in the country, the OHIO HIGH SCHOOL STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS is one of the highest levels of high school competition found anywhere.  Almost every year Ohio swimmers are recognized as national individual champions and/or National Team Champions because Ohio is one of the strongest swimming areas in the USA.  Only the top 24 swimmers and top 24 relays in the state qualify for this event.  The meet is a two-day format with preliminary swimming in the morning and finals (top 16) at night.  The crowd is packed with people cheering on every race, as well as college recruiters throughout the crowd watching prospective athletes compete. All schools throughout Ohio compete in “Div I” and “Div II” based on school population sizes.
Age Group (14 & Under) and any HS athlete not competing in HS swimming
ALL-STAR QUADRANGLULAR CHAMPIONSHIPS, second weekend in January, (IUPUI in Indianapolis)
This is an All-Star meet by selection only. Generally, you must apply for the Ohio “All-Star” QUAD team sometime in December – and the deadline is very strict. Parents are responsible for submitting applications by the deadline. Any swimmer with a National “AA” may apply. The organizers for this meet are made up of 1 representative each from the Lake Erie chapter (northern Ohio) and the Ohio Chapter (southern and mid-Ohio). These organizers will collect all applications and notify the top 4 swimmers in every event they have made the team; this notification is done before Christmas. Then, swimmers must reply with confirmation or decline. The meet pits Ohio verses Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois a four-state showdown. Since the Ohio H.S. season has begun at this point of the season, many high school swimmers choose not to participate in this meet since they are bound by HS competition rules. (This is good news for the other teams because if Ohio included its HS swimmers, we would win this meet every year!)
Age Group (14 & Under) and Senior (15 & Over)
(swimmers may deck enter at the meet) This is a special “Last Chance” Qualifier one-day session for swimmers who want to attempt to achieve a time standard outside of the championship meets above. This meet typically takes place during one evening after school, usually falling on a Tuesday. Swimmers of any age may participate in this event. The criteria is that swimmers must be close to the time standard he/she is attempting to achieve in order to enter the event.  If time permits, the order of events is swum twice. No awards are given at a “LAST CHANCE” MEET.  Although we encourage swimmers to compete at the traditional meet to enjoy the benefits of swimming prelims and finals, as well as receiving awards, sometimes a swimmer is in need of one or two time standards which would make the end-of-season championship season less hectic. This Qualifier meet is an excellent option to consider – but you should always get the opinions of your group coach.
Age Group (8 & Under)
“MINI CHAMPS” MEET, February (Barbara Kay Meet in Worthington, Ohio)
This is a special meet geared for 8 & under swimmers only. Although it is a championship style meet, this meet is all about fun! Every swimmer receives a trophy and our swimmers have a great time competing in this meet separated by age (6 & under, 7, and 8). This meet is the perfect alternative to the “Ohio Regional Championships” (discussed below) since the regional Meet only offers competition in the 10 & under, 11-12, and 13-14 age groups – meaning the 8 year olds are swimming in the same heats as 10 year olds. Some swimmers opt to only swim the 8 & under “Mini Champs”, or would prefer the “Regional Meet” which is close to home. Some athletes choose to enter both meets. Talk with your group coach to assist you in your planning.
Age Group (14 & Under)
OHIO REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS, February (Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus, and Toledo)
There are six (6) Ohio REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP meets in Ohio: 1xDayton, 2xColumbus, 2xCincinnati, and 1xToledo.  The Dayton Raiders are assigned to the Dayton-area meet.  This 3-day championships meet (Fri-Sat-Sun or Sat-Sun-Mon format when the meet falls on President’s Day weekend) is for swimmers in the 10-under, 11-12, and 13-14 age groups. All 14-under swimmers slower than the OHIO JUNIOR OLYMPIC time standard in a particular event compete at the REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS in those events.  This meet is a prelim/final format, which means everyone swims their events during preliminary heats the morning.  Then, the top 16 swimmers in each even return to swim finals at night.  Medals are given to 1-8 place and ribbons are awarded to 9-16 place.  Awards are only given to swimmers in finals.  Swimmers who achieve an Ohio JUNIOR OLYMPIC time standard at the REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS, regardless of where they place or when they swam the event (prelims or finals) automatically qualify for the OHIO JUNIOR OLYMPIC STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS which takes place a few weeks later (see below). 
Senior (15 & Over)
OHIO SENIOR CIRCUIT, March, usually in Oxford (OH), Erlanger (KY), Canton (OH), Bowling Green (OH), or Kenyon College
This meet is setup for swimmers who are 15-over and 14-unders high school swimmers that are not competing at the Ohio JUNIOR OLYMPIC Championships in March. The Ohio SENIOR Circuit is a prelim/finals format. The Head Coach will discuss with all senior aged swimmers if they are to attend this meet, or one of the other championship meets instead.
Age Group (14 & Under)
OHIO “JUNIOR OLYMPIC” STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS, March (Cincinnati, Columbus, Oxford, or Bowling Green)
There is one (1) OHIO JO SHORT COURSE CHAMPIONSHIP meet in Ohio. This 3-day championship meet is for swimmers in the 10-under, 11-12, and 13-14 age groups. There is team scoring at this meet. All swimmers who have achieved ‘JO’ time standard at any time during the season and who are members of ‘JO’ relays are expected to compete at the state meet.  The Dayton Raiders generally place in the top 10, as well as established several meet records and state records at JO’s. This meet is a prelim/final format. Medals are given to 1-8 place and ribbons are awarded to 9-16 place at finals only. Also, an award is presented to the Ohio Outstanding "Male" and "Female" Swimmer of the Meet Award to the swimmer that scores the most Power Points – a scoring system that is part of USA-Swimming’s “IM EXTREME CHALLENGE” program which is based on the cumulative point total of each individual race the JO Championships; points are generated based on age and event.
Senior (15 & Over)
USA SPEEDO SECTIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS, March, locations TBD, (usually in OH or IN)
The Sectional Championship Meet is for senior swimmers who meet strict “SECTIONAL” qualification standards.  (Visit the time standards section to see the qualifications for this meet).  There are several "sections" across the country (we are in section 3).  The format for this meet was established in 2000 by USA-Swimming and replaces the "old" Junior National meet format.  Most swimmers who qualify for the sectional meet are expected to compete at this meet – the Head Coach will guide senior swimmers on the entries for this meet.

Senior (15 & Over)
Although USA-Swimming nixed the Junior National Championship format in 2000 and replaced it with the numerous "Sectional" Championships throughout the country (at the time, it was a very controversial debate!), the Junior National format is back by popular demand.  There are actually two Junior National meets -- one format run by the
National Club Swim Association(NCSA), called Junior Nationals and is usually held in a warm climate such as Orlando, FL.  This meet has grown to be a tremendously fast meet.  The other format, rejuvenated by USA-swimming a few years after the NCSA format took off, is under the umbrella of USA-Swimming and called Junior National Championships. By the time year #2 rolled around, this meet also became tremendously fast! As of this writing in 2009, it appears there is a happy medium as the NSCA meet will be held in March, and the USA format will be held in December and August -- allowing both meets to co-exist harmoniously.