Ohio Swimming
Level 4
Excellence 200

Meet Schedule Long Course 2019 Updated 3/17/19

This meet schedule is subject to change. Also, please note the recommended training groups listed below might have variations due to coaches recommendations or other factors such as meets held on back-to-back weekends, etc.  Your primary training coach will provide guidance during the season.

Date Meet City Type Time
April 10-14 TYR Pro Richmond, VA P/F Yes 3 7 X X              
May 15-18 TYR Pro Bloomington, IN P/F Yes 3 7 X X              
May 17-19 Marlins Spring Cincinnati OH TF No 3 8 X X X X X X X X X
Jun 7-9 CAC Summer Oxford OH TF No 5 12 X X X X X X X X X
Jun 14-16 PauHanna Gries Granville OH TF No 4 10 X X X X X X X X X
Jun 21-23 Richard Quick Auburn AL P/F Yes 3 6 X X   13up          
WedJun26 OHOpenWater Oxford OH TF Yes 1 1       X X X      
Jun 28-30 JAGS IUPUI Indianapolis TF No 4 10       X X X X X X
Jul 5-7 Ohio 14u Region BowlingGreen OH P/F No 3 7       X X X X X X
Jul 11-14 Ohio Senior Meet Granville OH P/F No 3 6 X X X            
Jul 18-21 Sectionals Cleveland OH P/F Yes 3 6 X X              
Jul 18-21 Ohio 14u Jr Olym Oxford OH P/F Yes 3 7       X X X      
Aug 1-4 Futures Geneva OH P/F Yes 3 6 X X              
Aug 1-4 14un Zones PleasantPrairie WI P/F Yes 3 6       X X X      


Senior swimmers that qualify and attend Futures or Nationals and would like to receive reimbursements from Ohio Swimming must compete at least one day in 2 different Ohio Swimming sanctioned, NON-championship, swim meets.  A TYR pro meet can count as one of your two meets, but only one.

June 21-23- Richard Quick Invite @ Auburn University

  • Summer Travel Meet –  ages 13 & Over P/F
  • Following the meet on June 24-29 is an optional SRE Training trip - More Details to come

July 11-14 – OH Senior Meet @ Dennison – P/F

  • Swimmers with 2 or fewer sectional cuts will rest and shave for this meet. Swimmers that qualify for Sectionals at this meet can/should plan to swim at Sectionals the following weekend
  • Swimmers swimming at Sectionals as final meet of summer should NOT attend this meet.
  • Swimmers already qualified for Futures in 2 or more events and swimmers qualified for Senior Nationals in at least 1 event will swim 2 days at this meet unrested/unshaved.
  • Swimmers going for 1st Senior National or more Futures cut will rest and shave for this meet

July 18-21 – Sectionals @ Cleveland State

  • Swimmers w/ 2 or more Sectional cuts and no Futures Cuts.
  • Swimmers that make their 1st Futures cut at this meet will be encouraged to attend that meet.
  • A swimmer close to a Senior National cut that would like another try to qualify can swim at this meet.

August 1-4 – Senior Nationals @ Palo Alto, CA

  • Any swimmer w/ at least 1 cut

August 1-4 – Futures – Spire @ Geneva, OH

  • Any swimmer w/ at least 1 cut may attend
  • No Swimmers with Senior national cuts may attend this meet

August 2-4 USA Central Zone Championships (14&un)

  • National AAA in any events short course or long course qualifies
  • Parents register and enter through Ohio Swimming website. Travel bus option, departs Wednesday and returns Monday

Please Note:  We will NOT be attending Junior Nationals this Summer