Ohio Swimming
Level 4
Excellence 200

Meet Schedule Short Course 2021-2022

Updated 9/23/21. ALL MEETS AND DATES SUBJECT TO CHANGE.  Due to COVID-19, aquatic facilities across the Midwest have various protocols that may be different, changing, and unknown throughout the season.  Please continue to be patient and flexible, as well as understand facilities have to answer to their own local jurisdictions and facility boards.  Your primary training group coach(es) will provide guidance during the season.


Note our fall home meets may change based on facility protocols and equipment readiness (scoreboard, touchpads, computer systems, etc)

R = Recommended
O = Optional
Q = requires qualifications
TF = Timed Finals (events swum once)
P/F = everyone swims Prelims, top 16 qualify for evening finals

Date Meet City Fmt RedJr Wht Blu Brz RedSr Jr S2 S1
Oct 15-17 Jack Thompson Louisville KY TF     R R   R R R
Oct 22-24 WTRC Worley Centervlle, OH TF R R O O R O    
30-Oct DR Intrasquad Dayton, OH TF R R R R R R ? ?
Nov 5-7 KCST Lunsford Kettering, OH TF R R O O R O    
Nov 5-7 IUPUI Fall Frenzy Indianapolis IN TF             R R
Nov 12-13 Marlins Jose Cerda Cincinnati, OH TF   O R R   R    
Nov 18-20 Ohio Senior Meet Oxford, OH P/F             R R
Dec 2-5 NSCA Oly Invite (T) Indianapolis IN P/F             R R
Dec 4-5 WTRC Winter 12un Centerville, OH TF R O O O        
5-Dec MAKOS Little Elves Meet Oxford, OH TF   R            
Dec 8-11 Speedo Jr Natl Champs Greensboro, NC P/F               Q
Dec 10-12 MAKOS 9up Champs Oxford, OH P/F     R R R R O O
19-Dec OH Virtual Distance Kettering, OH TF     O O   O    
Jan 7-9 14un Midstate All Star IUPUI, IN TF     Q Q   Q    
Jan 7-9 CM Holiday Wrap Cincinnati, OH TF O O R R O R    
Jan 21-23 KCST Medals Kettering, OH TF R R R R R R    
Feb 4-6 DR Becki Rine Dayton, OH P/F R R R R R R    
Feb 17-20 OH 14un RegionChmp Kettering, OH P/F R R R R R R    
20-Feb DR Time Trial Dayton, OH TF     TBD TBD   TBD    
22-Feb CM Time Trial Cincinnati, OH TF     TBD TBD   TBD    
Mar 4-6 Ohio Senior Meet Oxford, OH P/F             R R
Mar 5-6 Barbara Kay 8un Champs Worthington, OH TF   R            
Mar 11-13 Ohio 14un JO Champ TBD P/F     Q Q   Q    
Mar29-Apr2 ISCA Internatl Sr Cup (T) St Petersberg, FL P/F             Q Q