Ohio Swimming
Level 4
Excellence 200

Choose the Raider training group from the drop-down to view handouts, notes, test sets, or any other artifacts associated with each training group.  Contact your lead coach if you would like to see specific materials on your training group page.  Team presentations and parent meeting materials can be found under the Info menu. 

Below are a series of basic skills coaches look for when evaluating a young child for placement on the team.  

  • Somersaults forward and backward
  • Rollover Front/Back and Back/Front
  • Float prone on surface face down with (1) arms at side and (2) both arms extended
  • Swim Freestyle 25 yards (rotary breathing)
  • Swim on back 25 yards
  • Tread water (1 minute)
  • Sitting dive
  • Breaststroke kick without scissors or flutter
  • Butterfly arms - simultaneously move arms in butterfly pattern
  • Kick butterfly with board