Ohio Swimming
Level 4
Excellence 300

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Average age 6-9 years old. Swimmers in this group may have swim lesson experienced and possibly been a member of a local neighborhood summer team.  They are ready for gaining additional experience on stroke development, flip turns, and starts.  Swimmers in the group will learn about what the four competitive strokes are and gain stamina through gradual increases of volume.  Swimmers in this group will be prepared for higher level training groups if that is their desire.  Swimmers in this group may choose to enter a local competition when they feel ready.  This group is offered 3 practice times per week and there are no practice requirements.  Swimmers can enroll and un-enroll from this group any month so long as space is available.  Swimmers should attend practice with a competition suit, cap (optional), filled water bottle, and goggles each practice. 

Conditions to join the Raider Prep Group

Below are general skills we look for children to have when entering the swim team.  Swimmers may have some experience in swim lessons or as members of a neighborhood summer swim team

  • Somersaults forward and backward
  • Rollover Front/Back and Back/Front
  • Float prone on surface face down with (1) arms at side and (2) both arms extended
  • General sense of the freestyle stroke but may not have the stamina to join the other training groups yet
  • Attention span up to 60 continuous minutes in a group setting

General Information