Ohio Swimming
Level 4
Excellence 300

Our Senior swim program is structured to produce outstanding swimmers and young leaders through intensified training and competition at the state, national and International level.  Senior Level swimmers by definition comprise the most dedicated and skilled swimmers on our club. They are an elite training group!   As an elite group, senior swimmers will need to maintain a rigorous training schedule. This schedule will allow them to reach new physiological and psychological levels that will become a departure point for the grey area of success. Only those swimmers willing to embrace the following practice standards should register for the Senior groups. This is a commitment not a convenience by any means!  The following standard applies throughout the year, fall through summer. Participation in a full meet schedule is required.  The ultimate goal for the athletes in either of the groups is to move to the challenging or faster cycles in their group, not necessarily to move to a different group.  Learn to lead by example and learn to lead your training lane.


Senior 2

Ave age 14-16.  This group is designed for swimmers who are experienced, plan for local, High School, or regional competition.  Swimmers must have strong knowledge of swimming skills in all four competitive strokes and turns, as well as adequate levels endurance in order to complete basic swim team sets and practices.  Senior 2 training includes high intensity, technical, and focus on the three main areas of improvement in swimming: Technique, Strength, and Endurance.  Objectives for this group include setting goals towards National AAA, Sectional, High School Sectional, District and State Championships, and USA Future standards.  Swimmers will be prepared for moving to the Senior 1 group.   Swimmers are expected to attend 85%+ of offered practices. 

Senior 1       

Ave age 15 & over. This is the highest competitive group the team offers. Recommended for swimmers 15 and over who wish to participate in Sectional, National and potentially International competitions with a strong emphasis on USA Junior Nationals and Nationals. We also work to qualify as many swimmers as possible to be USA Scholastic All-Americans in the classroom. This high intensity/ high reward group trains several sessions weekly and offers structured strength programs as well. Swimming in college is another main objective of swimmers in this group and assistance with the recruiting process is offered to all members. There is also a strong emphasis on community service as well as giving back to and being leaders of the Dayton Raiders Swim Team.