Dayton (Ohio) Raiders Swim Club

Ohio Swimming
Level 4
Excellence 300

Home Meet Workers

All Raider families are required to work at least two (2) sessions during the fall home meet and two (2) possibly three (3) sessions during the winter home meet if at least one child is entered in the meet.  

These sessions do not count towards Volunteer Point accumulation for the season. 

Fewer sessions are required during the fall meet since all Raider families (High School and Age Group) are available to put on the meet; during the winter meet, high school families are generally not participating since they are in the midst of their HS season. There will be a $75 charge, per session, to the family if this requirement is not met. Again, no obligation or fee charge if your swimmers are not entered in the meet, however if at least one of your swimmers entered the meet, but do not show, you are still obligated to fulfill your volunteer duties or accept the fee charge.

To sign up for a home meet worker position, simply click the "Job Signup "button found on the home meet information page. From there, you will be able to view all worker positions that are filled and also those available. Click on the job you would like to sign up for and follow the directions. In the event that all positions are filled and you have not yet met your family’s obligation, contact the Volunteer Coordinator/Meet Director for alternate meet volunteering opportunities.

All meet sessions worked above and beyond your family's initial obligation can count towards your Volunteer Points for the season.  In addition, if you are an official your initial obligation and any sessions worked above and beyond count towards your Volunteer Points.  *hint hint - incentive to become a USA Official!

Home Meet Food and Monetary Donations

All the food used in the Hospitality Room serves our meet staff, coaches, visiting coaches, officiating crew, and other volunteers.  It's a nice place for everyone to relax, eat lunch, or get refreshments during the course of the meet.  Your food donations will count towards your Volunteer Points for the season.  In addition, all monetary hospitality donations will  equal 1 point per $1 donated.