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The Dayton Raiders Swim Club is divided into multiple training groups so that swimmers of all ages and abilities will progress at the most suitable level based on age, emotional preparedness, and ability.  Our group advancement program along with highly educated and motivated coaches provide swimmers with an exciting and highly instructional environment.  We invite you to meet our coaches and see what a fun, challenging, and stimulating swimming is all about.


Stroke School, Swim Academy and Swim Lessons

This group is for young children with limited or no experience to swimming.  They may have advanced through intermediate and advanced swim lessons and are ready to prepare for swim team skills, but not yet ready for swimming multiple laps in a 60-minute practice.  Children in this group area exposed to all four competitive swim strokes, turns and starts.  To register for this group, visit the Dayton Swim Academy website - click here


Raider Prep

Ages 6-9 years old. Swimmers in this group may have swim lesson experienced and possibly been a member of a local neighborhood summer team.  They are ready for gaining additional experience on stroke development, flip turns, and starts.  Swimmers in the group will learn about what the four competitive strokes are and gain stamina through gradual increases of volume.  Swimmers in this group will be prepared for higher level training groups if that is their desire.  Swimmers in this group may choose to enter a local competition when they feel ready.  This group is offered 3 practice times per week and there are no practice requirements.  Swimmers can enroll and un-enroll from this group any month so long as space is available.  Swimmers should attend practice with a competition suit, cap (optional), filled water bottle, and goggles each practice.  


Ages 8 & under swimmers.  These swimmers may have some previous swim team experience or are returning swimmers from the previous year.  They have decided that they really love swimming and that they want to pursue more levels of competitive swimming.  They have a general competency level in all four strokes and starts, and they attend meets regularly.  Focus on kicking, streamline, freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke kick, and butterfly progression. Swimmers who have advanced through Level 7 of the Swim America Lesson program who can maintain attention for 60+ minutes are generally ready for this group. Most meets are in the Dayton and surrounding areas. This group is offered 5 practice times per week. Swimmers in this group are recommended to attend 75% or more of the offered practices and attend most of the recommended swim meets.

Red Junior

Ages 9-12 year old swimmers in their first years of year round, competitive swimming.  Swimmers in their first years of competitive swimming.  This training group will place heavy emphasis on stroke technique and body balance in all four strokes, turns, starts, while increasing stamina.  Swimmers may be involved in other activities, and they aren't quite ready to narrow their lists of interest down just yet. There are no attendance expectations.  Meet participation is optional but local and regional competitions are highly recommended.  


Ages experienced 9-10 year olds.  Blue swimmers are legal, or close to legal, in all four strokes, starts, and turns and exposed to increasing levels of endurance training, speed work, and endurance training.  Blue athletes enjoy competing at meets. Many blue level swimmers are involved in other sports but want to swim year-round.  Blue level swimmers may only compete locally or also travel regionally for meets.  Swimmers in this group are recommended to attend 70% or more of the offered practices and attend most of the recommended swim meets.  Objectives are to refine techniques, increase stamina, pursue IMR/IMX scores, attend championship meets, and set goals towards qualifying for meets with time standards (A, JO, AAA, etc.)


Ages experienced 11-12 girls and boys.  This group will focus on mastery in all four strokes, turns, starts and increasing stamina.  Many of these swimmers may still be in two or more activities.  These swimmers are proficient in all four strokes, IM, and are ready to learn how to train and set goals for the highest-level qualifying meets (Regional Champs, Junior Olympics, and Zones).  Swimmer will compete locally and may have competitions offered to meets up to 8 hours away. These swimmers may be involved in other activities and are still deciding their primary activities for High School.  Swimmers are expected to attend a minimum of 80% of practices offered.  Objectives are to improve techniques, increase stamina, achieve IMR/IMX scores, and attend championship meets.

Red Senior

Ages 13-14 year old swimmers in their first years of year round, competitive swimming.  Focus is on technique, being legal in all four strokes, and increasing endurance.  A goal is for the transition to the Junior and Senior 2 groups once skills, stamina levels, and pacing sets have been achieved.   Practices average 5x per week for 1.5 hours and no dryland or before-school AM practices.  Meet participation is optional but local and regional competitions are highly recommended.


Ages 13-14 year olds.  Swimmers in the Junior group have decided swimming is one of 2 primary activities they want to be committed to.  Swimmer will compete locally and may have competitions offered to meets up to 8 hours away.  Swimmers are recommended to attend 90% of offered practices plus dryland sessions, and options may be available to attend before-school morning workouts with coach permission.  Swimmers in this group continue to evolve from age group to increased levels of training.  Attendance of meets is strongly encouraged.  Swimmers will for plan for local, High School, and regional competition.  Objectives for this group include setting goals towards Ohio Junior Olympics, USA Zones and Sectionals standards. 

Senior 2

Ages 14-16 and high school.  This group is designed for swimmers who are experienced, plan for local, High School, or regional competition.  Swimmers must have strong knowledge of swimming skills in all four competitive strokes and turns, as well as adequate levels endurance in order to complete basic swim team sets and practices.  Morning practices before school are offered.  Senior 2 training includes high intensity, technical, and focus on the three main areas of improvement in swimming: Technique, Strength, and Endurance.  Objectives for this group include setting goals towards National AAA, Sectional, High School Sectional, District and State Championships, and USA Future standards.  Swimmers will be prepared for moving to the Senior 1 group.   Swimmers are expected to attend 85%+ of offered practices. 

Senior 1       

Ave age 15 & over. This is the highest competitive group the team offers. Recommended for swimmers 15 and over who wish to participate in Sectional, National and potentially International competitions with a strong emphasis on USA Junior Nationals and Nationals. We also work to qualify as many swimmers as possible to be USA Scholastic All-Americans in the classroom. This high intensity/ high reward group trains several sessions weekly and offers structured strength programs as well. Swimming in college is another main objective of swimmers in this group and assistance with the recruiting process is offered to all members. There is also a strong emphasis on community service as well as giving back to and being leaders of the Dayton Raiders Swim Team.