Ohio Swimming
Level 4
Excellence 200

The Dayton Raiders Swim Club, Inc is the only self-sustaining, truly financially independent, non-profit swim club in the state of Ohio and has been in continuous operation for over 50 years.  It is a 501.3(c) corporation with annual revenues generally exceeding $500,000 and employs at least 4 full-time employees and varying numbers of part-time coaches, and involves countless volunteer hours.

The Board of the Dayton Raiders Swim Club, Inc. is responsible for the overall management of the team business operations as prescribed by the Dayton Raiders By Laws.    While the Board manages the Coaching staff, the Coaching Staff is responsible for the technical swim operations.

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The Board Officers, and to a lesser extent the Board Members, for the Dayton Raiders Board have legal authority, duty and responsibility to make decisions on business operations and financial matters concerning the Dayton Raiders Swim Club on behalf of the Members. The gravity of these responsibilities require that the Board Officers and Members possess professional knowledge, skills, and abilities and that they are willing and able to commit the time required to successfully execute the responsibilities vested in them by the swim team members to properly accomplish these duties.  The professional knowledge, skills, and abilities required of Board members is outlined in the appropriate position descriptions which are posted in the policy document section of the website.  Those who serve on, or are supervised by, the Board of the Dayton Raiders Swim Club, Inc, are held to a high standard of conduct. As representatives of the team members and trustees of the corporation, they assume an obligation to subordinate individual interests to the interests of the Dayton Raiders Swim Club, Inc. Those who serve must do so without direct compensation or personal gain in order to avoid a conflict of interest between personal gain and the interests of the Dayton Raiders.


Dayton Raiders Board Area of Responsibilities
President: Head Coach, Head Age Group Coach, Long Term Committee, Legal
Vice President: Club Recognition Program. Club Excellence Program, Legal, Recruiting Coordinator
Past President: DRAC Liason - Pool Operations
Administrator: Website, Team Documents and Policies, Billing, Meet Entry, Registration
Treasurer: Finance, Insurance, Legal
At Large #1: Home Meet Officials, New Officials, USA Officials Coordinator, Meet Equipment
At Large #2: Fundraisers; Group Contacts, New Swimmer Orientation
At Large #3: Volunteer Points / Positions, Banquet, Bulletin Board, Special Events, Home Meet Workers / Meet Director
At Large #4: Equipment / Spirit Wear, Coaches on-boarding
Head Coach: Coaches