List of Valid Ozark Coaches as of 3/17/2022


USA Swimming Coach Advisory Council Coach Representative: Mary Liston

          The USAS CAC was created to ensure all USA Swimming member coaches, from coaches with athletes at the grassroots level to those with athletes on the USA Swimming National Team, are represented and have their voices heard in the USA Swimming governance process.

Coach Membership -

      ALL Ozark Swimming coaches must complete registration, including submitting the required fee, PLUS completing all requirements before being allowed on deck.

Registration for New and Renewing Coaches: Verify with your club who is renewing your registration and paying the fee, you or your club. If it is your club, you do not need to submit a non-athlete registration. If it is YOU, you must submit a completed REGISTRATION FORM along with payment to the OSI Registrar.

Requirements checklist for coaches

Summary of Coach Requirements:

  • Non-athlete registration and $72 fee (through club or directly to OSI Registrar)
  • Athlete Protection Test and the USADA Coaching Advantage TutorialIf you are new to USA Swimming, wait to take these until after your membership registration has been processed.
  • USA Swimming Background Check.  An application for this background check may be completed at any time; you need not wait for your USA ID.  Please note that this takes at least a few days, and you must not only apply for, but pass, the check prior to being on deck.
  • CPR and Safety certifications may be emailed as an attachment to the OSI Registrar. Please make sure that they are from an approved provider.
  • Foundations of Coaching Test New coaches should make sure they are registered before completing the FOC tests. FOC 101 is required for all new coach members. You must complete the course before you can access the Course Test at the conclusion of the course. FOC 201 and Rules and Regulations is required prior to registration for the 2nd year of coaching.
  • Concussion Protocol Training -
    • Courses from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS), as well as individual states’ required courses will satisfy the USA Swimming requirement. Therefore, if you are a high school coach, you may have already completed the NFHS training.
    • For USA Swimming membership, coaches and officials must successfully complete concussion and head injury education at least once. Courses may be accessed at
    • You only need to take ONE course, not both. Certification must be sent to OSI Registrar once completed.

Once your certifications are complete, you will be able to access a virtual membership card through the USA Swimming website by creating a Deck Pass account.

Coaches with questions regarding membership and registration should contact the OSI Registrar


                Coaching Resources




Step 1: Select Your Location – this can be ignored since the course is an online course; location doesn’t matter.

Step 2: Select a Class Category – this is what has changed – scroll down to Coaches Training and select that (coaches no longer have to click on “Water Safety”)

Step 3: Find Classes – click on this option and “STSC Online Content Only” will appear on the next screen