About Ozark Swimming

VISION:  To inspire a lifelong passion for the sport of swimming.

MISSION:  To grow and develop the swimming community through education and programs.

Ozark Swimming, Inc. is a Local Swim Committee (LSC) member of USA Swimming. Ozark Swimming is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization.

The geographic territory of Ozark Swimming is the state of Missouri east of, and including, the counties of Scotland, Knox, Shelby, Monroe, Ralls, Pike, Montgomery, Osage, Miller, Camden, Dallas, Webster, Douglas and Ozark, and in the state of Illinois, the counties of Calhoun, Greene, Jackson, Jersey, Madison, St. Clair and Monroe. 

Ozark Swimming operates unders its own bylaws, which are approved by USA Swimming and is governed by its Houe of Delegates, Board of Directors, elected and appointed Officers, and various Divisions, Committees and Coordinators. Ozark has jurisdiction over the sport of swimming, as delegated to it as an LCS by USA Swimming, to conduct swimming programs consistent with Ozark's objectives and those of USA Swimming to sanction, approve, observe, and oversee competitive swimming events within its territory, Region VIII, and the Central Zone.

Ozark Swimming's objectives and primary purpose: the education, instruction, and training of individuals to develop and improve their capabilities in the sport of swimming.

Ozark Swimming's values:

  • Leadership-demonstrating personal and organizational leadership in all we do; doing our best to develop the leadership qualities of our athletes
  • Integrity-upholding the rules of fair play and providing opportunities to all to participate; encouraging team spirit and group and individual sportsmanship; dealing fairly and honestly with each other and with our athletes in all we do
  • Commitment-commitment to promoting the development and success of the athletes and the clubs resented
  • Respect-respecting individual athletes, clubs, and other members of Ozark Swimming for their differences, as well as their inclusion as members of the greater USA Swimming.