Ohio Swimming
Level 3


Board of Directors 



President Jamie Szymanski jjj1625@aol.com March 2021
Vice President, Membership Lauren Borer laurendborer@gmail.com March 2021
Vice President, Operations Derrick Sanchez sanchez1063@sbcglobal.net March 2021
Treasurer Jennifer Bedee jenniferbedee@yahoo.com March 2022
Secretary Tonya Shurts trr0102@gmail.com March 2022
Member at Large Mike Freeworth mike.freeworth@hhbarnum.com March 2021
Member at Large Martha Altman marthamaltman@gmail.com March 2022
Member at Large Nick Malone ndmalone@gmail.com March 2022
Member at Large      
Board Advisor (Former President) Tony Hartung tonyh@cleavengercompliance.com  




Monthly Board Meetings

We welcome all members to attend our monthly board meetings. Please reach out to a board member or check the team calendar for the next scheduled meeting.

Possible Items Discussed...

  • Coaches Report

  • Financial Reports

  • Upcoming Meets

  • NWOWI Planning

  • Event Planning

  • Official Needs

  • And Much More...