Ohio Swimming
Level 3

Training Groups

The Sylvania Tsunami Swim Club offers five training levels that are assigned by our coaches based on age, ability level, and experience. While attendance is not mandatory, we strongly encourage regular attendance for your swimmer to get the most out of their individual level. Daily practices are closed to parents and spectators except for Friday’s. This is specifically designed to allow the coaches to coach without interference or distractions. You will notice on Friday evening’s it is very loud in the pool, and excess noise from parents chatting in the stands or siblings moving around interferes with the coaching and distracts our swimmers. Our practice schedule, available here, is designed to give each swimmer the appropriate training and instruction they need. We welcome all parents to come watch your swimmers progress on Friday’s, ask coaches questions if needed and meet with board members.

Training Group Descriptions


Stroke DevelopmentThis introductory group is for swimmers who are just beginning in the sport of swimming.  Swimmers must be able to do freestyle with rotary breathing.  Basic mastery of freestyle and backstroke, as well as the introduction to butterfly and breaststroke,  are the primary goals of the Stroke Development Program. There are no meet requirements, however, all swimmers may be encouraged to swim at one swim meet. Practices will be held in the short lanes of the pool.  The group is divided into two age groups and assignments to a group will be determined after all swimmers are registered.  

Coaches: Kelsey Mefferd and Austin Axe

RED:  Red is our second level of developmental groups, and is for beginners who know the four competitive strokes, but need coaching to put them together in order to swim strokes legally and more efficiently in swim meets.  Basic mastery of the four competitive strokes and turns are the primary goals of this group. Practices will be held in the long lanes of the pool.  This group is limited to a total of 40 swimmers.  

Coaches: Austin Axe and Kelsey Mefferd

WHITE:  White is our introduction to the training group.  These swimmers know all four competitive strokes legally.  Swimmers are introduced to basic training methods with emphasis on proper stroke technique, technical refinement, understanding the pace clock, and other swimming skills.  Practices will be held in the long lanes of the pool.  This group is limited to a total of 40 swimmers. 

Coaches: Kelsey Mefferd and Austin Axe

BLUE Blue is designed for swimmers making preparations for the Senior Group level of training and competition.  Swimmers begin to use training methods to improve fitness levels, including more extensive dry-land conditioning, stroke technique, and proper training and race strategies.  Technique is still emphasized, but a shift is made towards higher levels of training.  This group is limited to a total of 40 swimmers. 

Coaches: Austin Axe

SENIOR:  Senior Group is for national, advanced, intermediate, and beginning level, high school swimmers.  This group is for the post-high school season, along with the long course season.  Swimmers in this group are offered training for swimmers to reach their personal potential goals.  Goals and training programs are developed to accommodate individual swimmers abilities and will be divided into two groups.  Swimmers will be encouraged to attend the uppermost levels of competition as discussed with the Senior Group coaching staff.  Each group will have a limited number of swimmers. 

Coach:  Lori Yaross