Ohio Swimming
Level 3

Become an Official


Officiating enables you to engage with the team parents and coaches fully, show interest in our swimmer’s activities, and better understand the challenges and successes our kids will meet along the way. To the point of ‘new’ members starting down this road, gaining parent officials for our younger age groups also helps to balance out the overall number of officials available at a meet, no matter if the meet is split between age groups or combined by all age groups. The board voted to offer a 25% discount, up to 6 officials, to get more officials for our team. We are down to three officials for our team. To run NWOWI and other meets we need to have 6+ officials. 

Why become a swim official?

  • Usually, a parent of one or more swimmers wants to get more involved with the sport and to understand every aspect of stokes and turns.
  • Tsunami and other NWO swim clubs are in dire need of swim officials to continue hosting meets.
  • USA Swimming needs trained officials to provide a fair swim event for all competing swimmers.

The details…

  • 25% off one swimmer for a year ($352 - $562 discount per year)
    • Discount applied each session after completed certification
  • Tsunami will reimburse for training costs
    • Clinic
    • Test
    • Membership
    • Background check
  • 25% off one swimmer each additional renewal year

The Process…

  • Attend the Ohio Spring or Fall Officials Clinic
    • ONLY offered twice a year
  • Take and pass the USA swimming Stroke & Turn Judge test
  • On-the-deck apprenticeship with at least two mentors for a minimum of 4 sessions
  • Evaluation by evaluator/ mentor
  • Pass Level 2 background check
    • https://www.usaswimming.org/background-checks
  • Complete online Athlete Protection Training
    • https://www.usaswimming.org/utility/landing-pages/safe-sport/apt

First year and renewing…

  • Pass official training program and get certification
  • Officiate NWOWI each year
  • Officiate two other local club meets as part of USA Stroke & Turn Judge yearly requirements
  • Discount will discount if renewal items are not met
  • Discount is subject to board approval every fiscal year after a financial review

We are not trying to make you a coach or instructor for your athlete….leave that to the staff, but as a parent, understanding the rules may come in handy when you have to provide support and comfort to your simmer who says “I got DQ’d for something called underwater recovery.” Instead of just giving a hug, a shrug, and an “okay,” you’ll have some appreciation for how hard it is to swim a 50M butterfly as an 8-year-old, and keep your arms out of the water!

There is a wealth of information available online at the USAS website. https://www.usaswimming.org/for-you/officials USAS is a well-run organization that is continually providing education and resources for volunteers at every level. I encourage you to browse the site; there are articles and tips for all facets of this sport.

If you are interested, please reach out to our Vice President of Operations.