Ohio Swimming
Level 3

How to Register for a Meet

Meet Registration is very simple and takes place on the Sylvania Tsunami website.  You will need your username & password to enter the site.  Once you are on the site, you can follow these instructions:

  • Meet are listed on the Home page of the team website
  • You will see an Attend/Decline button next to each meet that is listed, push the Attend/Decline button
  • You now have a choice to click to Attend or to Decline
  • If you choose to Attend, you can choose which or all days that you would like to attend.  If you do not pick certain days, the coaches will assume that your swimmer will be present for all sessions that are age appropriate for your swimmer
    • There is a memo box that can be used to leave a note for the coaches
    • If something changes with your schedule, once you have already registered for a meet, please let Coach Kris know
    • If entries have already been sent, you will be responsible to pay the fees for the events in which your swimmer has been entered

If you have questions regarding the event schedule for a meet, meet info is posted on our website.  Please click the name of the meet (on the home page), meet information can be clicked on.  In this information, you will be able to see start times and the order of events.  Also, if this is an away meet, hotel block information will be listed in this area.