Ohio Swimming
Level 3

Volunteer Requirement

All Sylvania Tsunami swim families are asked to volunteer at our team sponsored swim meet, The Northwest Ohio Winter Invitational (NWOWI), which is held every January at BGSU.  This is our only team fundraiser.  We ask that all families fill 2 positions for the meet.  There will be a fee of $100 for each position not filled.

We will be needing volunteers to be timers, marshals, runners, officials, concession workers, hospitality workers and to collect admissions.  We need ALL families to participate for NWOWI to be successful. 

Below are job descriptions for the volunteer positions that need to be filled:

Timer - this is a standing position.  There are 2 timers per swim lane.  You will be provided a stopwatch to use.  Stopwatch times will be written down for the swimmers in your respective lane.  This position is on the pool deck.

Runner - this is a walking position.  You will be collecting the timers' papers from their lanes & giving them to the officials at the administrative desk.  Also, you will be posting results (taping up papers with results on them).  This position is mainly on the pool deck.

Marshal - this is a seated position & some locations are away from the pool.  You will be watching to make sure no parents or swimmers are going somewhere restricted or that they are wearing shoes, as required.  You are able to leave your position to watch your child/children swim.

Concessions Worker - this is a sitting/standing position.  You will be collecting money and retrieving items that people are purchasing.  This position is located behind the bleachers.  You are able to come up and watch your child/children swim.

Hospitality Worker - this is a sitting/standing position.  You will be putting out food and drinks for coaches & officials.  This is a position off of the pool deck, but you will be able to come out and watch your swimmer.

Collecting Admissions - this is a seated position.  You will be collecting money at the entrance for admissions and selling heat sheets.  There are 2 people that work together at this position.  This position is most busy before the meet starts, so you will be able to come in and watch your swimmer.

Official - you must be a USA Swimming Official to fill this position

Announcer - Must be 18+, must be able to speak clearly and loud thru the speaker system

Awards - label swimmer awards for the meet

Raffle -  Walk around stands and spectator areas for Bag raffles

Heat Winner - pass out heat winner prize to 10 & unders in Am sessions