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Wisconsin Swimming 
Fall/Winter 2021-2022
Meet Schedule At-A-Glance 

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Meets run under modifed sanction rules due to COVID-19   

Date Meet Location Meet Results Meet Director Email
Sept. 25 PX3 RecPlex Aqua Arena   [email protected]
Sept. 25 WEST Waukesha South High School   [email protected]

Oct. 1-2 OSHY Oshkosh YMCA   [email protected]
Oct. 2 RA Germantown High School   [email protected]
Oct. 8 LAKE Arrowhead High School   [email protected]
Oct. 9 EBSC Brookfield East High School Results - HyTek [email protected]
Oct. 9 LAKE Arrowhead High School   [email protected]
Oct. 9 WEST Waukesha South High School Results - HighPoint - HyTek - Backup [email protected]
Oct. 9-10 SPS Cambridge Community Pool HyTek - Backup [email protected]
Oct. 15-17 OZ Homestead High School Results - HyTek - Backup [email protected]
Oct. 15-17 SSTY Schroeder Aquatic Center   [email protected]
Oct. 16 BAC Middleton-Cross Plains Pool   [email protected]
Oct. 16 WBSC/FSC Fond du Lac Aquatic Center Results - HighPoint - HyTek - Backup [email protected]
Oct. 16-17 ASC Ashwaubenon High School   [email protected]
Oct. 16-17 MMSC-IL RecPlex Aqua Arena Results [email protected]
Oct. 17 BAC Middleton-Cross Plains Pool   [email protected]
Oct. 24 NBSC New Berlin Eisenhower Results - Backup [email protected]
Oct. 23-24 LFSC-IL RecPlex Aqua Arena Results - HyTek - Backup [email protected]
Oct. 31 JHK Whitewater Aquatic Center   [email protected]
Oct. 31 OZ/LAKE Homestead High School Results - HyTek - Backup [email protected]

Nov. 6-7 HSSB Howard Suamico Pool Results - HyTek [email protected]
Nov. 7 MAC Middleton-Cross Plains Pool   [email protected]
Nov. 7 SEA RecPlex Aqua Arena Results - HyTek - Backup Bergman_family[email protected]
Nov. 7 WEST Waukesha South High School Results - HyTek - Backup [email protected]
Nov. 12-14 PX3 RecPlex Aqua Arena  

[email protected]
[email protected]

Nov. 13 SHOR Shorewood High School   [email protected]
Nov. 19-21 LAKE Schroeder Aquatic Center   [email protected]
Nov. 19-21 MSS McFarland Community Pool Results - HyTek - Backup [email protected]
Nov. 19-21 OSHY Oshkosh YMCA   [email protected]
Nov. 19-21 STAT/WAUN Beloit Memorial High School   [email protected]
Nov. 19-21 WEST Waukesha South High School Results - HyTek - Backup [email protected]

Dec. 3-4 SWAT Muskego High School   [email protected]
Dec. 4-5 AA RecPlex Aqua Arena   [email protected]
Dec. 4-6 BAC Middleton-Cross Plains Pool   [email protected]
Dec. 4-5 WEST Waukesha South High School   [email protected]
Dec. 4-5 SCSC Shwano High School   [email protected]
Dec. 5 WAT Riverside Middle School   [email protected]
Dec. 10-11 MMSY Marinette High School   [email protected]
Dec. 10 FSC Fond du Lac Aquatic Center   [email protected]
Dec. 11-12 RA Germantown High School   [email protected]
Dec. 11-12 SSTY Schroeder Aquatic Center   [email protected]
Dec. 16-19 PX3 RecPlex Aqua Arena   [email protected]
[email protected]
Dec. 17-19 SPS Sun Prairie High School   [email protected]

Jan. 7-8 OSHY Oshkosh YMCA   [email protected]
Jan. 7-9 BAC UW Madison Soderholm   [email protected]
Jan. 7-9 GBSC Green Bay SW High School   [email protected]
Jan. 7-9 JHK Whitewater Aquatic Center   [email protected]
Jan. 8 EBSC Brookfield East High School   [email protected]
Jan. 8 SSTY Schroeder Aquatic Center   [email protected]
Jan. 8-9 LFSC-IL RecPlex Aqua Arena   [email protected]
Jan. 16 WEST Waukesha South High School   [email protected]
Jan. 15-16 SEA Schroeder Aquatic Center   [email protected]
Jan. 15-16 WAVE Appleton North High School   [email protected]
Jan. 14-16 SWAT RecPlex Aqua Arena   [email protected]
Jan. 21-23 MMSC-IL RecPlex Aqua Arena   [email protected]
Jan. 22-23 SHOR Shorewood High School   [email protected]
Jan. 22 CAST CHS Rec Center   [email protected]
Jan. 22 DFAC DeForest High School   [email protected]
Jan. 28-30 HSSB Howard SuamicoComm. Pool   [email protected]
Jan. 29 RA Schroeder Aquatic Center   [email protected]
Jan. 30 BAC Middleton-Cross Plains Pool   [email protected]
Jan. 30 OZ Cedarburg High School   [email protected]
Jan. 30 SPS Sun Prairie High School   [email protected]

Feb. 4 FSC Fond du Lac Aquatic Center   [email protected]
Feb. 4-6 SSTY Schroeder Aquatic Center   [email protected]
Feb. 5-6 WAUN Waukesha South High School   [email protected]
Feb. 6 JHK Whitewater Aquatic Center   [email protected]
Feb. 10-13 OSHY Oshkosh YMCA   [email protected]
Feb. 11-13 PX3 RecPlex Aqua Arena   [email protected]
Feb. 12-13 LAKE Schroeder Aquatic Center   [email protected]
Feb. 12-13 NBSC New Berlin Eisenhower   [email protected]
Feb. 13 ASC Ashwaubenon High School   [email protected]

Feb. 18-20 BAC Middleton-Cross Plains Pool   [email protected]
Feb. 18-20 FSC/WBSC Fond du Lac Aquatic Center   [email protected]
Feb. 18-20 OZ Homestead High School   [email protected]
Feb. 18-20 SPS Cambridge Community Pool   [email protected]
Feb. 18-20 SWAT Muskego High School   [email protected]
Feb. 18-20 RA Germantown High School   [email protected]

Dec. 11-12 12 & Under Single Age State Championship Schroeder Aquatic Center  

[email protected]

Feb. 25-27 12 & Under Short Course State Championship Schroeder Aquatic Center  

[email protected]

Mar. 3-6 13 & Over Short Course State Champioinship Waukesha South High School


[email protected]