Conducting meets under Covid Conditions - As the situation is dynamic and rapidly changing at the current time, we will not publish any general guidelines. Please refer to the safety standards and requirements of the venue, as well as those published by the local and state health departments and the CDC, as those are the requirements that need to be complied with.



12 and under suit guidance for meet referees Word PDF - Feb 17, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions  Word Doc - PDF


Championship Meets:

  • Selection of Appointed Officials for LSC Championship Meets Word Doc - PDF
  • LSC Championship Meets: Officials' Responsibilities Word Doc - PDF

  • LSC Officials Qualifying Meets Word Doc - PDF

  • Officials’ Travel Stipend Policy and Application Form: Word Doc - PDF


Educational Materials:


Catching Up From 2020 (Review of 2020 / Preview of 2021) Power Point Presentation

"I Raised My Hand? Now What?" (Stroke and Turn Protocol/Procedure)

The Chief (CJ Best Practices)

Take Your *BEEP* (Starter Best Practices) Power Point Presentation

Keeping a Fair Deck (Deck Ref Best Practices) Power Point Presentation

Guiding Whistle (Mentoring) Power Point Presentation

Who Buys 15 Highlighters? (Admin Ref) Power Point Presentation

Don't Push My Papers (AO Best Practices) Power Point Presentation

Meet Manager Basic

Meet Manager Prelim/Final

Meet Manager Virtual


USA Swimming Officials Videos

TrainingVideos - Other LSCs

Training Materials - Wisconsin

  • Administrative Official  - PDF  - Power Point
  • Clinic Evaluation AO  - Doc
  • Clinic Evaluation S&T  - Doc
  • Clinic Evaluation S/R  - Doc
  • Clinic Attendance Form  - Doc
  • False Start Scenarios  - PDF
  • Mentoring an Apprentice - PDF
  • Referee Clinic (updated version to come)  - PDF  - Power Point
  • Radio Etiquette and Usage Guidelines - PDF
  • Starter Clinic     - Power Point
  • Stroke and Turn    - Power Point
  • Starter/Referee Situations - PDF
  • Stroke and Turn Situation PDF




Officials Briefing - 2017 - PDF


DQ Slips, Scratch Forms, and Relay Entry Cards - Available from USA Swimming Outlet

DQ Slips - PDF

DQ Record:     Word Doc - PDF

Meet Referee and meet planning

Meet Referee Report OTS (Official Tracking System) - Instructions (Nov 2020) Word Doc PDF

Meet Referee Report Form - Non-Championship Meets: Word Doc  (Rev. 9-19-2022)

Meet Referee Report Form - Championship Meets: Word Doc  (Rev. 9-19-2020)

Meet Report of Officials - Excel  (Rev. 9-19-2022)

Officials Sign-in Form: Word Doc - PDF

Officials Staffing for Swim Meets  - Word Doc - PDF

Officials Diagrams and Deck Coverage - PDF

Report of Occurrence (Accident Report) Form: Link to Online Report of Occurrence Form     
Upon submission of the completed Report of Occurrence, you will receive an automated email indicating that USA Swimming has received the form.  You should save this email and also forward it to your LSC Safety Chair, Nancy Drabot [email protected], for reporting purposes.​

Note: If you are unable to submit the online form at the meet, you may print a draft paper copy, document the necessary details and then you, or someone from your club, will enter the report online as soon as possible. Click here for a draft paper copy of the form.

Other Forms

False Start Confirmation Slips:     Word Doc - PDF

Order of Finish: PDF

Reconciling Times in Meet Manager 5.0 (Quick Guide):    -  PDF

Relay Briefing:      Word Doc  -  PDF

Timers Instructions:      Word Doc  -  PDF
Timing Adjustment MM:    -  PDF

Relay Take-Off Sheets:
Split Recording Sheets:

Observed Swims:

  • Protocols for USA Swimming Observers - Word Doc - PDF
  • Observed Swims at High School Meets - Word Doc - PDF

Open Water: 

  • Open Water Race Management 101 PDF
  • Emergency Action Plan (EAP) Checklist for Open Water PDF
  • Open Water Swimming Event Safety Check ListPDF
  • USA Swimming Minimum Standards Guidelines for Utilization by LSC OfficialsPDF
  • The "Professional" Open Water OfficialPDF
  • Best Practices for Open Water Officals While Numbering/TattooingPDF
  • Open Water Swimming Officials Training ManualPDF
  • The USA Swimming Open Water Refee ManualPDF
  • Race Considerations for Open Water Referees During Covid Times PDF

Other Materials and Links: 

Declared False Start - Word Doc - PDF

What is a False Start? - Starter/Referee Guidelines - PDF 

Instructions for Using Officials List Spreadsheet: Word Doc

Meet Marshall Instructions - PDF

Management of Pool Contamination Word Doc - PDF

Reconciling Times in Hy-Tek Meet Manager 2016 - PDF 

The rationale for Timing System Adjustments - PDF

USA Swimming list of certified pools 

2022 USA Swimming Rule Book 

USA Swimming Resources

USA Swimming Officials Education and Training Resouce Hub - Officials Documents and Forms

National Officials Certification Program Summary - PDF

"The Professional" Stroke & Turn 2020 - PDF

"The Professional" Starter 2020 - PDF 

"The Professional" Deck Referee 2020 - PDF

"The Professional" Administrative   Referee2020 - PDF

"The Professional" Administrative Official 2020 - PDF

"The Professional" Chief Judge 2020 - PDF

N2 Evaluation and Certification Requirements - PDF

N3 Evaluation and Certification Requirements  - PDF

N2 and N3 Re-Certification Requirements - PDF

Request for N2/N3 Evaluation at an Officials Qualifying Meet - Word Doc

  • Staffing of Officials for Swim Meets  - Word Doc - PDF

  • Officials Diagrams and Deck Coverage - PDF