Officials Committee Membership
Jacqueline Jugenheimer - MAC (chair, training coordinator, tech committee liaison)
[email protected] 608-695-2894
Mike Mellock - UN (vice-chair, registration coordinator)
[email protected] 414-687-5456
Amy Balducci - EBSC (OTS admin )
Chadd Chatterton - PX3 (secretary, apprentice officials coordinator)
[email protected] 262-914-1692
Rich Hall - MSS
[email protected] 608-514-6394
Michael Harbert - UN (state meet liaison)
[email protected] 715-573-9651
Rick Potter - UN (rules coordinator, rules committee liaison, observed swims coordinator)
[email protected] 608-515-4196
Nicole Rundahl - MSS (incentive gifts coordinator)
[email protected] 608-287-6334
Brian Temke - SWAT (webmaster)
[email protected] 414-688-3475
Scott Van Ermen - WYNS (official of the year coordinator)
[email protected] 715-218-0346
Athlete Representatives: Anna Temke (SWAT)

Officials Committee: Mission Statement and Structure - Word Doc - PDF