2020 Officials Recertification Clinics
with Trish Martin from NC Swimming and

Your WI Swimming Officials Committee

(For certification starting January 1, 2021)

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Meet Manager Sessions

Dates, Times, & Locations

Live Virtual Trainings 

Saturday, October 3 - Sunday, October 4 & 
Saturday, October 10 - Sunday, October 11, 2020 

$10 to cover our online costs

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Featured Speaker

Trish Martin has been involved in swimming since she realized at her daughter’s very first summer swim league meet that she was an absolutely horrible spectator. Her “I have got to get a job at these meets!” self-awareness and her complete failure as a timer led her to become an official. As her swimmers started to attend national meets and then college meets, Trish worked to earn her national certifications so she could continue to avoid the bleachers. She has served as a national meet referee at two Futures meets and the Summer Juniors meet in Palo Alto last August.

Trish got involved in governance as president of her kids’ club then joined the North Carolina Swimming Officials Committee. She was elected as NCS’s first Safe Sport Chair in 2010 and began her long-time service on the North Carolina Swimming board. She served as Safe Sport Chair for five years, then as Administrative Vice Chair for five years and most recently—just before COVID-19—was elected as the LSC’s General Chair.

As a volunteer, Trish serves in a variety of other capacities. She chairs the national Safe Sport Committee. She is also the Officials Chair for the Southern Zone and works on the National Officials Committee sub-committee for training and certifying national mentors.

Trish is a marketing consultant and cat enthusiast in her non-swimming life and spends her free time enlightening her husband and her grown children, a daughter in vet school at UW and a son who aspires to attend med school next fall. 

Information Flyer & Registration

Information Flyer


Other Ways to Recertify 

Can't make a recert clinic?? - No Problem! Here are other options for recertifying. 

OQM Recertification: If in the past year (January 1-December 31, 2020) you received a favorable evaluation FOR ANY POSITION at any OQM meet OR worked at least 75 % of sessions at any OQM at the level of a  Zone, Speedo, or above meet (such as TYR Pro or national meets) you have met your recertification requirement.


Online Tests: You also can take the equivalent USA tests for recertification.  

AO - Take Recertification Administrative Official
S/T -  Take Recertification Stroke & Turn / Timer
Starter Only - Take Recertification Starter Test
Referee Only - Take Recertification Referee Test 
Starter / Referee -  Take Recertification Starter & Recertification Referee




Catching Up From 2020 (Review of 2020 / Preview of 2021) Power Point Presentation

"I Raised My Hand? Now What?" (Stroke and Turn Protocol/Procedure)

The Chief (CJ Best Practices)

Take Your *BEEP* (Starter Best Practices) Power Point Presentation

Keeping a Fair Deck (Deck Ref Best Practices) Power Point Presentation

Guiding Whistle (Mentoring) Power Point Presentation

Who Buys 15 Highlighters? (Admin Ref) Power Point Presentation

Don't Push My Papers (AO Best Practices) Power Point Presentation

Meet Manager Basic

Meet Manager Prelim/Final

Meet Manager Virtual




How many sessions do I need to recertify?
Sessions from January - December 2020

  • For an AO Only Certified Officials- 4 sessions as an AO,

  • For a Stroke and Turn Only Certified Officials -4 sessions as a stroke and turn

  • For a Starter / Referees Only Certified Officials -6 sessions as a starter/referee

  • For an AO/Stroke & Turn Certified Officials - 4 sessions as stroke and turn & 1 session as an AO.

  • For Starter / Referee & AO Certified Officials- 6 Sessions as starter / referee & 1 session as Meet Referee, Admin Referee or AO.

**COVID-19 INFORMATION- The officials committee understands that sessions for the 2020 season have been drastically reduced due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.  If you are missing the required number of sessions listed above,  you may attend additional sessions at re-cert clinics to make-up for lost sessions.**

What if I don't have enough sessions?

There is still time!  Sessions worked through December 31, 2020 count for this certification period.  

How do I find my # of sessions worked?

Go to USA swimming's website
Log in and access OTS (Officials Tracking System)
Go to My History
Enter 9 in the two boxes at the top and click refresh 
You will now see all meets/sessions since January 2018. 

What if I can't make a re-cert clinic?

See above for ways to recertify without attending a clinic. 

If I took a clinic in 2020, do I need to come to a re-cert clinic?

It is strongly recommended you attend a re-cert clinic, however, if you took a certification clinic (Stroke & Turn or Starter / Referee) since January 1, 2020 - you are not required to attend a re-cert clinic.  


2021 Certification Process

1. Attend a Recert Clinic, OQM Recert or online testing.

2. Complete the 2021 Non-Athlete Registration, pay your fee, and complete the WI Online Registration.  

3. Check your Background & APT status in OTS (Update all that do not expire 12/31/2020 or later.) 

**If either your Background Check or APT expires during the 2021 year, January 1 - December 31, 2021, your certification will only be good until that expiration date.**

4.  Officials will not be updated in OTS until all recertification requirements have been met.  Usually, the first update happens in the middle of November as we try to update officials in bulk.