Wisconsin Swimming Safe-Sport

At the US Aquatic Sports Convention in September, 2010, USA Swimming launched a new initiative for the protection of Athletes. Initially called “Athlete Protection”, the name was changed in 2012 to reflect the extension of protection policies to all members of USA Swimming, including athletes, coaches, officials, and non-athlete members/volunteers of USA Swimming. It is now referred to as “Safe Sport”.  The USA Swimming Code of Conduct, Article 304 of the USA Swimming Rule Book, provides specific and mandatory polices that must be followed at all levels of the organization.  These policies are enforceable by the LSC and National Board of Review process. Consequences for violating a policy include, but are not limited to, revocation of membership.

Wisconsin Swimming has established the position of Safe Sport Coordinator, to coordinate the distribution of safe sport information and policies from USA Swimming within Wisconsin Swimming. In addition, the Safe Sport Coordinator will serve to “triage” concerns and complaints within the LSC. Certain issues are reported, by mandate, to USA Swimming, and others will be dealt with within the LSC. The Safe Sport Coordinator is appointed by the General Chair. Please address concerns or questions regarding Safe Sport to the Safe Sport Coordinator.  The appointed Safe Sport Coordinator is George Geanon, [email protected].

Safe Sport Scenarios from USA Swimming.   

Safe Sport July 2018 Scenario  
Safe Sport June 2018 Scenario 

Safe Sport December 2017 Scenario
Safe Sport November 2017 Scenario
Safe Sport Club Coordinator Job Description  
Safe Sport October 2017 Scenario
Safe Sport July 2017 Scenario  
Safe Sport June 2017 Scenario 
Safe Sport May 2017 Scenario 
Safe Sport March 2017 Scenario 
Safe Sport February 2017 Scenario

Safe Sport Tips for Parents

Deck Changing Prohibition

  • USA Swimming has issued an important new guidance communication regarding enforcement of the rule prohibiting the practice of Deck Changing.  The focus is on education of athletes and coaches, and not penalties.  

Concussion Information and Acknowledgements

Concussion Information (Adapted from WIAA)

Concussion Fact Sheet for Athletes

Concussion Fact Sheet for Parents

Concussion Fact Sheet for Coaches

Concussions and School Performance

Suggested Concussion Management

Parent and Athlete Acknowledgement Form

Coach Acknowledgement Form

WIAA Concussion Information Page