WI LSC Athlete Representative Election Candidates

Abby Carlson 

Carina Monroe 

Nicole Sletten 

Reilly Tiltmann 

At the April House of Delegate Meeting, we will be electing two incoming athlete representatives to serve as an intermediary between athletes who are members of Wisconsin Swimming and the WI Swimming Board of Directors and House of Delegates.

Reps will have a two year term and participate annually in House of Delegate meetings with the LSC in January and April and October. Representatives will attend at least two of the regularly conducted Board of Directors meetings and will potentially represent the LSC at the annual NATIONAL USA Swimming Convention in September.

Representatives will be called "junior representatives" for their first year and then become the WI Swimming "senior representatives" in their second year.

At the time of the election, the Athlete Rep must be:

  1. An athlete member or seasonal athlete member in good standing.
  2. At least 16 years of age or have sophomore status in high school.
  3. Competing currently or have competed during the three immediately preceding years in WI LSC or another LSC.
  4. Have WI LSC territory residency.

To apply, please send a statement of not more than 200 words explaining why you wish to become Athlete Representative to SENIOR REP Mariah Morowsky ([email protected]) by March 1, 2019.

These statements will be published on the WI Swimming website and social media and shared again at the April HOD meeting with a ballot for each club to vote among the candidates. Teams can apply a total number of votes equal to the number of their 13 & Over eligible members (seasonal and athlete members). Winners will be announced at the end of the HOD Meeting in April.