Wisconsin Records/All-Time Top Times

In order to more accurately track Wisconsin Swimming records, we have initiated a NEW PROCESS for submitting times. Please contact Janet Thomas, the Wisconsin Swimming Records Coordinator, with any questions. 

  1. Complete the Wisconsin Swimming Record Application form.  Records submitted by parents or swimmers will not be accepted. 
  2. When you complete the form, you will be asked to upload a photo of the record-setting swimmer(s) or your club logo to be used in social media. If you don't provide a photo, the Wisconsin Swimming LSC logo will be used. Photos that are emailed to the Records Coordinator will not be accepted. 

Wisconsin Swimming SCY Records as of October 21, 2020

Wisconsin Swimming LCM Records as of August 24, 2020

Congratulations to new record holders:

  • John Paul Brostowitz (SSTY) Boys 11&12 200 Back (SCY)
  • John Paul Brostowitz (SSTY) Boys 11&12 50 Back (LCM)
  • Ziyad Saleem (SSTY) Boys 17&18 200 Back (LCM) 
  • Lucy Thomas (EBSC) Girls 13&14 100 Breast (LCM)
  • Maggie Wanezek (EBSC) Girls 13&14 50 Free (LCM)


Meet Manager Records File
(Last Update 12/27/2019)

Questions? Contact Records Coordinator, Janet Thomas. To submit a record, please follow the instructions above.

All-Time Top 10 Times as of April 9, 2020





Procedures for submitting times for SWIMS Database, Wisconsin Records, Top-16 and NTVs from Sanctioned, Approved or Observed Meets - DOC - PDF
Forms A-E for Wisconsin SWIMS Times Submission - PDF