Team Structure


In keeping with the philosophy of providing quality swimming programs for athletes of all ages, abilities and interest levels, Mt. Hood Aquatics offers several levels of training and professional instruction. The coaching staff determines the swimmer’s training level, with parent agreement.


MHA Swim School                                                                    

     MHA Swim School offers a comprehensive “learn to swim” program for children of all ages.  Lessons are available on Monday and Wednesday evenings throughout the year at our Reynolds and Barlow sites.  Lessons are also offered Saturday mornings and during the summer at Reynolds. 



White Squad

    This level is for swimmers who can properly perform the basics of the four competitive strokes, and are ready to learn more advanced stroke technique.  Swimmers will be working harder and will need plenty of family encouragement, although having fun and personal improvement are still the primary objectives.  Athletes are introduced to Inter Squad swimming meets at this point, and begin to reap the rewards of their efforts. The training schedule is 2-3 practices per week, plus Inter Squad and dual meets.  Membership on White Squad is a month to month commitment.



Red Squad


    In this transitional level, swimmers move from primarily stroke instruction to actual competitive training. Careful attention is given to stroke technique, but an equal emphasis begins to be placed on learning how to train.  Regular attendance is strongly encouraged in order to achieve the maximum benefits from training.  The training schedule is 3-5 practices per week, plus Inter Squad, dual and invitational meets.  Membership on Red Squad is a month to month commitment.



Silver Squad


Silver Squad constitutes the first level of the Mt. Hood program at which training is emphasized.  Swimmers in Silver Squad receive a strong conditioning background that will prepare them for competition at higher levels of USA Swimming.  This squad  provides committed and motivated swimmers the opportunity to train seriously and set goals for State and Regional competitions.  Training Schedule: 5 practices per week, plus a comprehensive meet schedule.



Gold Squad


    Gold is an introduction to the Senior squad, MHA’s highest level.  Swimmers practice in conjunction with the Senior squad at Mt. Hood Community College while maintaining a training and meet schedule similar to Silver Squad.  Training Schedule: 6 practices per week, plus a comprehensive meet schedule.  Full season commitments (Short Course, Sept.-Feb.; Long Course Mar.-Aug.) are required for membership on Silver and Gold.



Senior Squad


    Senior squad has two levels; one  level is an  introduction to the Senior Elite, MHA’s highest level, the other is for  swimmers who wish to train for their high school swim team but wan to swim year round.   Swimmers practice in conjunction with the Senior Elite Squad at Mt. Hood Community College while maintaining training and meet schedule similar to Gold and Silver Squad.  Training Schedule: 6 practices per week, plus a comprehensive meet schedule for the senior squad.  High School senior squad practices 5 days a week.  Full season commitments (Short Course, Sept.-Feb.; Long Course Mar.-Aug.) are required for membership on the Senior Squad.



Senior Elite 


    Senior Elite is the highest competitive level within the MHA structure.  Swimmers engage in a training program enabling motivated individuals to successfully achieve personal and team goals.  Requirements to join and remain on Senior III are set by the Head Coach, and include a full, one year commitment (Sept.-Aug.) to training with the squad.  The training schedule includes 7-9 practices per week, weight training and drylands training as determined by the Head Coach.




    MHA, in collaboration with Oregon Reign Masters, is able to offer Masters swimming in addition to our other programs.  Please visit Oregon Reign Masters web site for more details at: