Come and visit our new MHA website!

John & Kristy Cameron
Mar 28, 2019

Hello all MHA Families!

A quick email to let you know that MHA has a new updated website.  All the Swim-a-thon informaiton I have sent out still pertains to this new site.  

That being said since we are using a new TeamUnify Platform the site is laid out in a different format than what we are used to (hopefully more user friendly).  When you have a chance take a peek and see what you think.  If you run across anything that doesn't connect correctly please let me know as there are always snafus with this kind of project.  

(Teamunify is working to make the Coaches page correct on a mobile device so I know about that one.)

We now have a photo collage page so if you want to send in any pictures from swim meets or practices I would love to post those. 

With this new site there is a Team Resource tab that I can add "quick look up" items such as time standards, practice times, and other important information.  Is there information you have had to dig for on our old site that should go here?  Let me know!

Have fun perusing and we will see you back at practice the first week of April!!!