Coming up soon!!!

John & Kristy Cameron
Apr 30, 2019

MHA Swimmers!!!

Don't forget ... Swim-a-thon Saturday (May 10) is coming up fast so get your pledges and earn your MHA Sweatshirt or other cool prizes!


You get each prize listed as you earn more money.  For example:  raise $550.00 and earn the personalized swim caps, USA Swimming sunglasses and the personalized sweatshirt. See prizes below!

swim 100 lengths and receive a 100 Lengths Swim-a-Thon bag tag.

Swim 200 lengths and receive a 200 Lengths Swim-a-Thon bag tag.


$300.00  - MHA Swim Caps (2) with your name personalized (no photo)

Raise $400-$599.99 and receive Swim-a-Thon sunglasses.


$550.00  - MHA Personalized sweatshirt (no photo)

Raise $600-$799.99 and receive a Swim-a-Thon polar bottle.


$700.00  - MHA Coach of your choice- coffee/tea together (no photo)

$800.00  - MHA Personalized Hydroflask (no photo)

Raise $800-$1199.99 and receive a Swim-a-Thon long sleeve hoodie. 


$1000.00  - MHA Coach of Your Choice Swim Lesson/Input AND you select a game for the last 20 minutes of the next practice-with a snack! 

Raise $1200 or more and receive a Swim-a-Thon inflatable couch.


$1300.00  - MHA Personalized Gear Bag (no photo)

$1700.00  - MHA Coach of your choice- lunch at a local eatery and to design an upcoming practice for your squad.

$2000.00  - MHA Personalized Cotton Sweat Suit (no photo)

$2500.00  - MHA Personalized Parka (no photo)

Good Luck!!!