Mission Statement and Motto

                  “Excellence in Swimming, Excellence in Life”


Mt. Hood Aquatics offers athletes an affordable opportunity to participate in competitive swimming by coaching them to their individual potential through a positive team experience.


Team Philosophy


We are a competitive swimming team offering year-round training, instruction, and competition.  The Mt. Hood Aquatics training philosophy entails more than just diving into the pool and swimming laps in preparation for competition.  We use a scientific approach toward training our athletes.  Professional coaches who are focused on developing both successful people and successful swimmers have designed the Mt. Hood program. To this end, the following team objectives have been set forth:


      1)       To provide physical fitness, proper conditioning, development of self-esteem and positive self-image through participation in competitive swimming.


      2)       To provide an environment for self-improvement and goal achievement through hard work, dedication, self-discipline and perseverance.


      3)       To promote the ideal of honesty, integrity, good sportsmanship and team loyalty through competition at all peer and ability levels.


      4)      To provide a quality instruction and training atmosphere: from a comprehensive learn-to-swim program, through state, regional, national and collegiate caliber athletes.


      5)     To develop a family oriented club with community involvement and support.


      6)     To participate in state, regional, and national swimming events sponsored by USA Swimming and the United States Olympic Committee.


Mt. Hood Aquatics believes strongly in the "TEAM" concept.  Although we are a swim “Team," swimming is also a very individual sport, enabling each athlete to progress at his or her own pace. Parent and athlete members of the team are encouraged to support the success of their teammates. Constant support creates an atmosphere encouraging the physical, emotional, and intellectual growth of our athletes.  Our goal is to develop great swimmers and confident young adults who can be proud of themselves through a positive swimming experience.