Registration for new members:   

Registration forms are to be completed before the athlete enters the water.  

  • A cash or check payment including the first month’s training fees and all other fees must accompany registration forms. This payment will be held for one week. 
  • At the end of the trial week, the payment will be processed unless team is notified in writing of the swimmer’s intention to stop participating.  A non-refundable USA Swimming Registration Fee must be paid annually for all athletes and is necessary for compliance with the laws of USA Swimming, and for insurance purposes

     Registration for returning swimmers:

  • Registration forms must be filled out and returned every year. Completed forms are due prioto the swimmer entering the water.  These stipulations are necessary for compliance with the laws of USA Swimming, and for insurance purposes.

     During the annual registration process:

  • Each family must pay a $30.00 administration fee for their first athlete, and $5.00 for each additional athlete. This charge is in addition to the USA Swimming registration fee.