1. Explore the links and information elsewhere on this web site to become more familiar with DDST mission & philosophy, benefits to your child, and expectations for parent service hours, fundraising, athlete conduct, team travel, etc. The success of your swimmer(s) and the team depends on active involvement by all parents, starting here and now.
  2. To join the Douglas Dolfins Swim Team you must try out. Tryouts consist of a 100 Freestyle, 100 Backstroke, 25 Breaststroke, and 25 Butterfly. (Dippin Dolfins & Pre-Competition Dolfins require a 25 freestyle and 25 backstroke only.) Swimmers will be evaluated on stroke technique, not speed. All strokes will be evaluated on body position.  Freestyle, Backstroke, and Butterfly must be done with over water recovery.  Breaststroke must be done with a "legal" kick which means, feet must be turned outwards during the propulsive part of the kick according to USA Swimming.
  3. Contact parent liaison Amy Sutton (775-750-1970) to arrange a tryout date and time, and ask any questions you may have about the team, paperwork, etc. You may also contact a coach except during practice times. Tryout days are usually the 3rd Friday of each month.
  4. Swimmer Tryout Form: print and complete as much as possible. Bring it with you to the pool on your swimmer's first try-out day.
  5. Swimmer should arrive at the pool for tryout with swim suit and goggles (cap also required for long hair), and with a parent or guardian! If the parent liaison or coach doesn't find you, ask any pool staff member to direct you to a swim team coach.
  6. Parent/guardian should arrive at tryout with completed tryout form to give to parent liaison or coach. Coach will discuss your child's abilities and interests with you and (for year-round swimmers) determine an appropriate entry level from which he/she can progress. Monthly dues are based on your child's group placement determination. Coach and/or parent liaison will also discuss expectations, equipment needs, etc. NOTE: parent/guardian MUST be present at all tryout days/sessions until membership registration is completed.
  7. When you decide to join, you will register online here prior to the Monday after your free week. (If you are a current USA Swimming member, ask about returning swimmer transfer registration instead). Your membership dues will be billed each month to the payment account you set up during registration.
    • FILL OUT ALL INFORMATION ON EACH TAB AS COMPLETELY AS POSSIBLE! You are responsible for providing and maintaining current emergency contact and medical information for each of your swimmers, using your online account.
    • USE YOUR CHILD'S EXACT AND COMPLETE LEGAL NAME and correct birthdate each and every time you register with USA Swimming. This information is used to maintain your child's swimming records throughout their swimming career. Errors follow your swimmer and can be difficult to correct later!
    • USA Swimming registration is separate from monthly membership dues, and signs your swimmer up for mandatory USA Swimming membership and insurance coverage. You will renew it online each year between September 1st and December 31st for the following year.
    • NEW SWIMMERS never before registered with USA Swimming are allowed 1 free trial week practicing with the team before committing to membership and fees.  After the trial week, fees must be paid for the month in which regular membership begins before the swimmer can continue.
    • RETURNING SWIMMERS previously registered anywhere with USA Swimming have no grace period, and must pay all fees (and any outstanding debts to DDST or USA Swimming) before resuming practices or competition.
    • MONEY-SAVING TIP: if joining the year-round program in any month between April and August (and do NOT expect to compete in National-level meets like Sectionals and Western Zones), ask about the less-expensive Summer Seasonal Registration (see above), which takes you through September 1st. At that time NEXT YEAR's annual registration becomes available to continue your registration through December of the following year (16 months total).
  8. Check your email soon and often! As soon as your account is approved, you will receive sign-in and password information for your DDST account. Please maintain an email account that you check every day. This is the team's primary way to communicate with you. Whenever your email address changes, just sign in to your account and follow the instructions for changing your account email.
  9. SIGN IN TO YOUR ACCOUNT ASAP, AND FILL OUT REMAINING INFORMATION ON EACH TAB AS COMPLETELY AS POSSIBLE! You are responsible for providing and maintaining current emergency contact and medical information for each of your swimmers, using your online account.
  10. Check practice schedules and please help your swimmer(s) arrive promptly if they will not be using after-school bus transportation. Swimmers should be on deck with their group 5 minutes before start time, ready to step into the pool with functional equipment .
  11. Check the required equipment for your swimmer's practice group. As part of you registration fee we will be providing you swimmer with one cap, one gear bag and one pair of fins.You are expected to aqcuire and provide any other equipment for your swimmer's training needs as soon as possible. Please do not provide kick boards.
  12. School bus drop-off at the Swim Center (Douglas County schools only) may be arranged with your school and bus driver, just ask them. You may also be able to arrange drop-offs with other area schools and BlueGo busses. NOTE: swimmers are NOT under DDST coach supervision or insurance coverage except while participating with their DDST group during their scheduled DDST practice times. Use of pools or equipment outside practice times requires separate public admission fee.
  13. Continue to check this web site and check your email often. You will receive frequent team communications regarding upcoming events, last-minute practice changes,  and other information that will help your swimmer(s) and you get the most out of DDST programs.
  14. Don't hesitate to contact us any time you have a question or concern. Our Parent Liaison, Board Members, and Coaches stand ready to address your needs. (Please avoid distracting the coaches during practice times, when all parents expect the coaches to focus on the safety and progress of their swimmers.) You might also find the following resources helpful:
  15. Please let us know if you have any special interests, skills, or experience you are willing to contribute to the team. We are all team parents just like you, and we always welcome new volunteers to share in organizing and conducting team business and events. "Many hands make light work" has never been more true! Everything we do, every penny we spend, is for the swimmers. Check out the following resources:
  16. Information changing? Sign in to My Account periodically and make any changes to your personal and contact information. (DDST is not responsible for actions or lack of actions based on incorrect or outdated account information!)
  17. Welcome to our Swim Team!
  18. Taking a Break or Leaving? Billing will continue until we receive written notification! Please email the billing coordinator as soon as possible! Notification for a month off must be received in advance by the 23rd of the PREVIOUS month.