Parent Volunteers Needed
Hosting successful swim meets require the participation of every team parent to assist with the following positions.  Most require little or no training, and none requires previous swimming experience.  Please contact the Meet Director to ask any questions you may have.
  • Meet Director – ideal for someone who is well organized and has a desire to dedicate some time to the team. Puts together and oversees the entire meet. Needs to have some knowledge of the USA/Pacific swimming organization.
  • Meet Marshal –  on-deck during warm-ups, oversees warm-up and cool down lanes and other areas during meet. These people get to wear cool orange vests and help enforce safety rules. (2-5 per session)
  • Computer – runs all the behind-the-scenes workings of a meet. Computer literacy is a must for this job and we desire someone who expects to be with the team for a while. Training available at upcoming meets. (2-3 per meet)
  • Runners – distributes heat and lane postings from the computer room to specific locations and people. These people are “on the move” and need to wear comfortable shoes! (2 per session)
  • Colorado Timing – runs the computer by the pool with the officials. This position requires training and we desire someone who expects to be with the team for a while.
  • Colorado Timing Assistant –  works with the Head Colorado Timing person and receives training on the timing system. (1-2 per meet)
  • Head Timer – distributes watches, clipboards, etc. to the lanes after warm ups. Stands by officials’ table, starts 2 watches for each race, assists timers who didn’t get a good start on their watches. (1 per session)
  • Clerk of Course – checks in all swimmers for the meet. Also responsible for keeping track of when each event is scheduled to close. On-the-job training for USA and Pacific Swimming guidelines for registration will be provided! (3-4 per session)
  • Snack Bar Coordinator – gathers all items for the snack bar. Sets up and oversees the running of the snack bar. (1 or 2 per meet)
  • Snack Bar Help – sells food and drinks. (3-5 per session)
  • Hospitality Coordinator – plans and prepares the meals and snacks served to all officials, coaches, timers, working parents. (1-2 per meet)
  • Hospitality Helper – assists Hospitality Coordinator. Prepares and serves meals and snacks. (3-4 per session)
  • Announcer – announces the events and swimmers in each heat. Instructions and a front row seat are provided! (1 per session)
  • Awards – labels the awards and separates them by team for distribution. (1-2 per session)
  • Set Up and Break Down – along with everyone else helping, 3 to 4 strong individuals are needed both before and after the meet to help set up and take down all awnings, tables, chairs, scoreboard, etc.
NOTE: at our home meets, once all the above positions are covered, parents are also encouraged to assist with the following officiating positions. At away meets, all available parents are needed to help fill these officiating positions (as the home team's parents are busy with the above!)
  • Meet Officials – The officials you see on deck are parents just like us! They are volunteers who have had training in stroke and turn requirements, starting procedures, and other USA and Pacific Swimming rules. Training and classes are available, and parents are welcome on-deck with working officials any time to learn more, or just to see what it’s about! (Standard attire of white top, blue pants or skirt, and white shoes is preferred if possible.) Also feel free to contact our DDST Officials Contact or visit our Officials Resource Page for more information.
  • Timers – usually 3 per lane, operates stopwatch and/or button, ensures correct swimmer is in each lane and receives accurate official time. Timers are part of the officiating team, but no previous training is required. Timing is easy to learn during the short briefing that occurs just prior to the start of each meet session, and written instructions are provided on the clipboards.