Mission Statement

Desert Thunder Aquatics is a competitive swimming team organized for the purpose of providing swimmers with the opportunity to reach their finest potential. It is the goal of Desert Thunder Aquatics to develop a nationally recognized USA Swimming program by providing an environment where an age group swimmer with the appropriate talent and desire can develop into a world class competitor. Simultaneously,  Desert Thunder Aquatics is committed to offering quality programs that will provide a fun and rewarding experience for swimmers of all levels and goals.

In order to provide such an environment Desert Thunder’s program is built on a developmental coaching philosophy. Our training programs are tailored to the physical and emotional development of the swimmer, and incorporate state of the art applications of research in the areas of biomechanics, neurology, and exercise physiology. Our approach is a highly motivational one which focuses on individual improvement and relies on a cooperative effort between the coaching staff, the swimmer and the swimmer’s parents.


Why Desert Thunder Aquatics?

We have built our program around three important building blocks that make us different from other teams:

Innovative Stroke Instruction - based on the principles developed by Coaches Bill Boomer and Milt Nelms, Desert Thunder is developing a new way of teaching stroke technique that focuses on body alignment, balance, core strength, and functional movement. Coach Boomer was the stroke coach for swimmers training at Stanford prior to the Olympics, most notably with Jenny Thompson and Dara Torres. Coach Nelms, who has been working as a clinician presenting these ideas at clinics in this country, Europe, and Australia. DTAC has been involved in a joint project with Coach Boomer, Coach Nelms, and USA Swimming to produce the Boomer Chronicle Stroke Video series. Our swimmers were filmed to produce tapes 3-6. Our involvement in this project has put us on the leading edge of teaching the "New Paradigm" approach to stroke technique.

Parametric Training - a training methodology brought to this country from Eastern Europe by Genadjius Sokolovas, USA Swimming’s Director of Exercise Physiology and his colleague Alex Nikitin. They have developed career training parameters for swimmers that provide for age appropriate training volumes so our swimmers develop appropriately and continue to improve when they leave us to go on to college. The idea is to not over train at too young an age, but not under-train as they get older. We utilize software designed by Alex Nikitin to create training plans for swimmers based on their age, gender, and distance orientation. Obviously, for our developmental swimmers, these programs aren’t really necessary, since the emphasis at this level in on stroke development, but as the swimmers age up and move through our program we are able to make sure they train appropriately from season to season to keep the correct levels of work for continuing physiological adaptation.

DTAC’s Goal Award Program - This program was developed to reward swimmers for meeting OUR criteria of success. To us, success equals improvement. Rather than focusing on winning, or comparing one swimmer to another, we provide swimmers with incremental goals in all of their events, BASED ON THEIR INDIVIDUAL LEVEL OF ABILITY. These goals encourage our swimmers to focus on improving their times, and to swim all events, rather than specialize at an early age. At the end of each season swimmers receive awards (t-shirts, medals, embroidered towels, etc) based on the amount of time improved. This allows swimmers to develop at their own rate and allows for swimmers of all abilities to earn awards.