Family participation program

 This program is applicable to all groups training at Chandler Aquatic Center.

The primary purpose of this program is to encourage members to participate and assist with sponsored activities, which helps to build a stronger team! Activities include DTAC hosted swim meets, banquets, fundraisers and parties. One exception is at meets hosted by other teams where volunteer timing is requested by the participating teams. The volunteer program will run for the swimming calendar year, beginning April of the current year, and concluding in March the following year.

New families joining after the first 6 months will have their required hours prorated.

If a family prefers to assist for only some hours or not at all they may simply pay for the unworked hours at a rate of $25/ hour and their obligation will be met. We ask anyone choosing to opt out and pay their hours to do so by December 1st of that year. At the conclusion of the swimming calendar year, any uncompleted hours will be invoiced to the family at the rate of $25/hour.

The annual requirement for each swimming year is 25 hours for Navy and Royal families, and 20 hours per Lightning family. 





Make basic messages to the spectators & swimmers alike.

  • Pool Open for Warm-ups
  • Reminders for Heat sheet sales, concessions
  • If comfortable: announcing the current event & swimmers by heat

Certificate Writers

Neat penmanship to write out 1st – 8th place by event/age group


Exchange food & beverage snacks for cash

Can provide a calculator if needed.

Heat Sheet Sales

Exchange cash for the heat sheet packet

Hospitality Aide


Maintains cleanliness in Hospitality room throughout the session.

Prep tables in assembly line fashion as food arrives.

Sends runners out to coaches, timers, officials offering snacks and drinks. (A Wagon is a great tool for this role)

Hospitality Aide

(Adult or Athlete 10+)

Runs snacks, beverages out to coaches, times, officials (approx. every 30 minutes or so)

Supports cleanliness of hospitality room


After each event, the runner collects the timer sheets and brings them to the head table.


(Adult or Athlete 12+)

Manage individual stopwatch, and plunger to collect each swimmer in your respective lane.

Document stop-watch time on your timer sheet.

Call out for the swimmer in the next heat to ensure they are on the block on time.

Training is provided prior to the start of the meet.




Head Timer

Manage 2 Stop Watches in the event a lane timer needs assistance.

Some experience needed – best to time for a lane a few times before trying this position


Certified & Registered Roles

Meet Marshal

Must be certified and registered for this position.

Stroke & Turn Official

Must be certified and registered for this position.