Desert Thunder hosts about 4 events over the course of the year where you can work off your volunteer hours. 


Annual Events to add volunteer hours:

Awards Banquet (April or May)

Swim-A-Thon (May)


Sometimes there are opportunities for small, odd volunteer jobs.

The jobs are almost always announced when the coaches send out a 'Job Sign-up' from the team's website which links you directly to the list of jobs available for any of the opportunities listed above.

You can also recruit relatives and friends to help you work off the hours. So, if there is a 2 hour timing shift, but you bring people to fill 3 positions, you are credited for 6 hours of volunteering. You must make sure you sign up on the website for the job, though, so the hours are credited properly.

Often, meet hosts will call for timers. We do not validate those volunteer hours unless the meet host has made it a requirement for our team to provide timers. If that's the case, we usually will create a job sign up online and send out an email announcement.