The E’Town Kentucky Dolphin Swim Team is a nonprofit organization.   There is a board of parents that help control the daily operations of the team.   The team has entered into a contract with the E’Town Swim and Fitness to allow the fitness center to oversee and manage all aspects of the coaching staff and the billing of monthly dues. This includes hiring/terminating coaches, paying all coach’s salaries, paying health benefits the head coach receives, and paying for part of the expenses the coach needs to run the team.

The swim team operates year round. It is run by a full time professional swim coach.

The head coach may hire, in conjunction with the Fitness Center , assistant coaches to help run the team.

The team swims at the T. K. Stone Pool in the winter and the E’town Swim and Fitness Center pools during the summer.

The winter season begins in September and ends with championship meets in March. The summer season begins in April and ends with championship meets in July.

A communication “RED BOX” at the indoor pool is where all forms, checks, i.e.,escrow, USA registration, etc. will be placed