We are so excited you want to learn more about our team.

Please check out our Frequently Asked Questions below. 


Dolphin FAQs

1. How can I join the team?

There are two ways you can join the Dolphin Swim Team. 


  • Via Stroke Development:

If you are placed in our Stroke Development program, you will be invited to the team after completing levels 1-3. At this time your swimmer is eligible to join the Dolphin Swim Team and will be placed in a group called, Junior Dolphins. In this group the child will learn butterfly while continuing to develop all other strokes to become a competitive Dolphin swimmer. They will also be able to participate in team meets and functions!


  • Via Coach Evaluation: 

If you have prior swimming experience and are proficient in all four strokes, please reach out to our coaches to schedule an evaluation and team level placement. 



2. What are the different levels for your team?

Dolphin Level Overview:
Stroke Development: New swimmers are introduced to all four stokes and proper competitive swimming technique.
Junior Dolphins: Young swimmers continue to develop strokes and join the competitive team. 
Age Group/Age Group Performance: Swimmers with developed stroke skills and a commitment to swimming competitively. 
Senior/Senior Performance: High level swimmers with developed stroke technique and a high level commitment to daily practices and swimming competitively. 



3. How do I schedule a coach evaluation?

To schedule your coach evaluation please contact us: 

12 and Under - Megan Zerhusen, [email protected]

13 and Over - Pedro Pereira, [email protected]


4. What is the team practice schedule?

Our team practice schedule can be previewed here


5. What if my swimmer doesn't know all of the various swim strokes?

Don't worry! Most all swimmers join the team with no knowledge of swim strokes. We have an incredible Stroke Development Program where new swimmers are introduced to all four stokes and proper competitive swimming technique. Click here to learn about this incredible program and how to enroll your swimmer.