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Club Information Changes

Any changes to a club’s physical address, head coach information, registration contact information, or the House of Delegates contact information must be reported. Please contact [email protected] with changes.

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Middle Atlantic swimming Team Travel Policy Signature Page

The 2022 registration year begins September 1, 2021 for new and renewing members.  All registrations processed after September 1 will be valid from date of registration until the end of 2022.

USA Swimming follows the guidelines of the US Center for Safe Sport and all members have access to the Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy 2.0 and are asked to indicate they are aware of and agree to the policy on registration.  The Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy is link is posted on the MA website and may also be accessed through the link:

Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy addresses 5 specific areas for athlete protections: one on one interactions, locker rooms, travel (both local and team), social media and electronic communications, and massage/athletic training practices.  Compliance includes the following:

  1. All club policies (travel, code of conduct, locker room, etc) adhere to the recommendations put forth by USA Swimming Safe Sport.
  2. Clubs maintain a record of signature of acknowledgement from their members that they have read the MAAPPs policies and club policies.
  3. All athletes 18 yrs. old and older complete the Athlete Protection Training on the USA Swimming Safe Sport site, or risk suspension of their USA Swimming membership.
  4. FAQ’s for the Adult Athlete requirement.

As stated above all adult athletes (any over 18) must complete the same Athlete Protection Training (APT) as all adult members.  Any adult athlete does not have the APT attached to their record is not considered a valid member.

If they compete in a meet, their times will not load.  Times are removed by USA Swimming prior to Middle Atlantic seeing the meet results.  We cannot add these times.

The 2022 Registration Payment Form should be used each time you submit a file or mail a check to our office. Note the early registration discount dates for both athlete membership and Club renewal.  Payment and the athlete file or Payment and the Club form (Head Coach must be up to date on ALL certifications to process Club renewal) must be received prior to the date listed to receive the discount.

This Registration Payment form helps to clarify what the check is to be used for.  If you are a club that has a central office (such as a YMCA office) PLEASE include our Payment Form with your request for payment so the office can send us both the form and check.  We need to know what checks submitted are to be used for.

Please note that we have added a 3% processing fee for credit card payments this year.

Checks received without this form may be delayed in processing.





Email registration questions to [email protected] or [email protected]

Pre-employment Screening

Incident Reports

Any time there is an accident or injury during activities such as Sanctioned or Approved swim meets, swimming practices, contracted Swim-a-Thons or approved social events, a Report of Occurrence must be submitted by a coach, official or someone affiliated with the club/facility. This form is submitted online, and sent to USA Swimming and its insurance company.  Make sure to send a copy of this emailed report to the Operational Risk Chair for Middle Atlantic Swimming.

Report of Occurrence Form.

Insurance Certificates for Your Club

As a USA Swimming member club, you have the benefit of General Liability insurance coverage at no charge to the club. The terms and limitations are reviewed annually with each policy period renewal. Currently, the policy limits are $1M per occurrence/$2M general aggregate. Beginning with each new membership year, USA Swimming mails each club an insurance certificate as proof of their insurance coverage.

Facilities used by USA Swimming clubs may also request to be named on the certificate. This is called an “Additional Insured Endorsement.” Obtaining an Additional Insurance Endorsement is done online through the CertificatesNow website. USA Swimming headquarters does not request this certificate for the club, and the certificate is not automatically renewed annually.

Insurance FAQ