Get Ready for Middle Atlantic Swimming Bronze Championships

MA Web Author
Mar 1, 2019

The Middle Atlantic Swimming Bronze Championship meet begins this week at the North Penn High School in Lansdowne, PA.  The meet is being hosted by the North Penn Aquatic Club.  Listed below are all the results you will need

Revised Times

Session #1 (SAT- AM)

Arrival:  7:15 AM

Warm-Up- 7:30 AM (3 sessions)

Start-9:00 AM

Session #2 (SAT- PM)

Arrival:  2:15 PM

Warm-Up- 2:30 PM (3 sessions)

Start- 4:00 PM

Session #3 (SUN- AM)

Arrival 7:15 AM

Warm-Up 7:30 AM (3 sessions)

Start- 9:00 AM

Session #4 (SUN- PM)

Arrival- 1:15 PM

Warm-up- 1:30 PM (3 sessions)

Start 3:00 PM