Middle Atlantic Senior Championships wraps up from Bucknell University

MA Web Author
Jul 14, 2019

The Annual Middle Atlantic Swimming Senior Championships wrapped up on Saturday evening, July 13, 2019 and Charlie Kennedy's Surban Seahawks Club captured the total team title.  SSC also won the overall womens title and Ryan Sprang's mens squad was very dominent winning the mens team title with a monster swim on the final night of competition by Jake Narvid to make his first 2020 Olympic Team Trials cut in in the 1500 freestyle. Team Scores are here

Total number of Olympic Trials cuts established at this meet was 8.  Trials Cuts were established by:

  1. Morgan Scott (CBST)
  2. Caroline Famous (SSC)
  3. Casey Cullen (PWAC)
  4. Madison Hart (PSU/BSC)
  5. Jacob Johnson (DST)
  6. Ivan Puskovitch (EAAC)
  7. Zachary Kohm (UNAT)
  8. Jacob Narvid (GPAC)

Individual Top 5 in each gender are here Results and coaches download files are posted here