Middle Atlantic Swimming joins with RISE Athletes

James Platt
Middle Atlantic Swimming is pleased to announce the creation of a world-class opportunity for our members through a powerful partnership with the leaders in teen athlete mindset development, RISE Athletes .
We are partnering with RISE to offer our members what has been deemed the most important relationship during developmental years - MENTORSHIP.    RISE recruits the best athletes in the world - Olympic, Professional, & Elite, and trains them in the tenets of sport psychology & positive psychology. Middle Atlantic Swimming will be the first LSC in the nation to offer these services that will propel our athletes forward in sport and life.
“When looking for partnership opportunities, we ask ‘what affect will this have on our athletes?’ Partnering with Rise Athletes, we are excited to offer our athletes another tool for success. This partnership gives not only swimmers, but also parents, coaches and teams an avenue to develop an athletes’ mental wellness skills to further themselves as an athlete and a person” said Jamie Platt, Middle Atlantic Swimming Executive Director. 
Knowing that mental health is at the forefront of success in sport, Middle Atlantic Swimming is facilitating this opportunity. RISE has helped over 150 athletes with mindset development, with robust improvements in performance, self-confidence, self-talk, and overall awareness and intentionality.
“As Olympians and Co-Founders of RISE Athletes, we are so excited to extend our reach by leading teen swimmers through mindset development in sport with this partnership with you, Middle Atlantic Swimming! We both had a keen interest in what made us great at swimming, and saw a common theme: our powerful mindsets. RISE came to life - created out of desire to give the type of support we wished we had when we were young athletes. And, what better way to do it than from the greats themselves - our team of highly accomplished Mentors. And, because the Middle Atlantic Swimming mission is to provide a safe and positive environment for your swimmers and is at the forefront of helping them become the best versions of themselves, this partnership was the perfect fit.” -Rebecca Soni & Caroline Burckle, US Olympians and Co-Founders of RISE  
The details : 2 0 Middle Atlantic Swimming athletes (age 13+) will be selected by RISE over the course of the partnership (June 2021 - June 2022.) Five (5) teen athletes will be selected to begin mentoring in July, another 5 beginning in October, January 2022 & April 2022.
Each selected athlete will receive: Each selected athlete will receive 3 months of weekly meetings with a certified RISE Mentor at no expense. You choose which mentor is right for you from among the 35+ amazing elite/Olympic athletes who serve as RISE Mentors. How often do you get a chance to work one-on-one with the best in your sport?!
For the Parents: This partnership goes beyond the scholarships for the athletes… RISE is offering quarterly Parent Talks with a RISE Mentor, where you can learn more about how to support your child’s mindset, mental wellness as an athlete, and specific mindset development topics. These are open to ALL parents within Middle Atlantic Swimming at no cost. Sign Up here: https://my.demio.com/ref/K9biZiWGRA0LTSk4    
For All Middle Atlantic Athletes: Even if you are not one of the 20 selected scholarship athletes, our partnership includes discounts for our RISE services: 20% off of first 2 months of individual mentoring, first solo team talks, and first 6-week series team talks. Use Discount Code MA+RISE20 at checkout.   
How to sign up:   CLICK HERE for more information about eligibility as well as a short application for the athlete to submit.   Applications deadline is Wednesday June 30th, 2021. Get started now!
Should you have any questions about the submission process, please contact [email protected] .  
We believe we have created an exciting program that will benefit our members and we are looking forward to creating success with you!