Middle Atlantic Swimming Twenty-First Century Top Times

This list is taken from the meets currently in SWIMS since 2003. Times prior to 2003 (debut of SWIMS) are included for some of the larger/regional/national meets. The USA Swimming All Time Top 100 Age Group Times is here

10 and under boys (Yards)

10 and under girls (Yards)

11 year boys (Yards)

11 year girls (Yards)

12 year boys (Yards)

12 year girls (Yards)

13 year boys (Yards)

13 year girls (Yards)

14 year boys (Yards)

14 year girls (Yards)

15 year boys (Yards)

15 year girls (Yards)

16 year boys (Yards)

16 year girls (Yards)

17 year boys (Yards)

17 year girls (Yards)

18 year boys (Yards)

18 year girls (Yards)

Senior boys (Yards)

Senior girls (Yards)