From the Middle Atlantic Safe Sport Chair:

As you all know, USA Swimming has recently rolled out the Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (MAAPPs).  This policy addresses 5 specific areas for athlete protections: one on one interactions, locker rooms, travel (both local and team), social media and electronic communications, and massage/athletic training practices.  USA Swimming has mandated all USA Clubs be in compliance with the policies by June 23.  Compliance includes the following:

1.  All club policies (travel, code of conduct, locker room, etc) adhere to the recommendations put forth by USA Swimming Safe Sport.

2.  Clubs maintain a record of signature of acknowledgement from their members that they have read the MAAPPs policies and club policies.

3.  All athletes 18 yrs old and older complete the Athlete Protection Training on the USA Swimming Safe Sport site, or risk suspension of their USA Swimming membership.

Here is an FAQ for our member clubs, regarding MAAPPs and questions you may have.  This FAQ was put together to address questions we have received thus far.  We have also attached a step by step guide for athletes on taking the APT training (put together by an athlete who has taken the training).  We do recommend a parent be with the athlete when they take the training, as there is sensitive material addressed.

Here is the link to the landing page for MAAPPS, which also includes sample forms for clubs to use, webinars for educational needs, and further explanation of the policy.

To reiterate- all clubs must come in to compliance by June 23.  This email serves as a reminder to all clubs to that fact, as well as to let you all know we are here to answer any further questions you might have.