From a 13-year-old IMer to a team of 24 22-year-olds, USA Swimming offers a variety of camp opportunities to help USA Swimming member athletes across the nation to reach their full potential.

In this section, you’ll learn more about the many camp opportunities, including:

USA Swimming offers a spectrum of teams and camps to serve elite developmental athletes. There are many variables that characterize the various constituent groups that comprise elite developmental athletes in our sport such as age, time, event, and experience. Over the years, USA Swimming has attempted to maximize the effectiveness of the programming for these athlete groups while being inclusive to as many athletes meeting a standard of performance as possible. Specific services are constantly evolving to suit the needs of athletes and coaches, but the over-arching concept of these programs is to nurture and develop the USA Swimming National Team culture of sportsmanship and excellence. Information on selection criteria specific to each camp is provided on the USA Swimming website.